Destiny Didn’t Pay Paul McCartney a Penny, and Why He’s Okay with That

Paul McCartney contributed to Destiny's score, and even wrote the single for the game's ending credits. Even more surprising than an ex-Beatles member teaming up with Bungie is that he wasn't paid.

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Paprika1260d ago

Why he's OK with that? I guess he can just about afford to call this one a favour lol

3-4-51259d ago

I'm loving the musical Score in this game.

There are 1-2 songs that are just Epic.

one of the "Main" ones, give me an Awesome Jurassic Park Vibe mixed with old 1960's Disney.

Hard to explain, but it's awesome.

ProjectVulcan1259d ago

Well when you are as rich as Paul, you don't need more money. All you need is love.

brainfart1260d ago

I have a feeling this going to come back and bite Bungie:)

ramiuk11260d ago

i think the music score throughout destiny is pretty crap.
but then again i have just played Last of us and the one for that was amazing.

die_fiend1259d ago

Maybe you need educating then

ramiuk11259d ago

why educating?

i think it jumps up to much in pace to fast and too intense for the scene imo.
would of prefered a more halo style,but then again i imagine they wanted to avoid

Forn1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I actually agree. There's no emotion in it, and many of the songs sound like they used cheesy synth patches for a lot of the basic instruments.

BiggerBoss1259d ago

The music in Destiny is awesome, what are you talking about? the Last of Us's Score is awesome as well, but it's much more subtle while Destiny goes for the "epic" kind of vibe

SG1_dapunisherX1260d ago

what Paul McCartney needs to do, is work it out with 343 his music with 343 great amazing story will be top notch

Agent_hitman1259d ago

Oh pls Sir McCartney don't feed Mr. Kotick and company.. They are like EA..

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