Console Monster: Buku Sudoku Mini-Review

Console Monster writes: "Buku Sudoku is a puzzling title in many ways. While not functionally broken in any way, it is fundamentally broken by its price. (800 Microsoft Points)

If you did not already guess it by now, Buku Sudoku is based off the popular logic game Sudoku. In the game, you have to fill in rows, columns and boxes of the numbers 1-9. Each row will have the numbers 1-9 in them (no repeats), as do the boxes and the columns. It's a very simple game that you can get lost in for 15-30 minutes at a time.

The problem that crops up with Buku Sudoku is a matter of value. There are literally hundreds of sources on the web where you can play Sudoku for free. Why would you pay money to play something that you can play for free?..."

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