More NBA 2K15 Ratings Revealed, LeBron James 98 OVR

Several leaked off-screen pictures from GameStop Expo have been released today for the upcoming basketball video game, “NBA 2K15”. The latest images reveal the ratings of many players including LeBron James, who is the highest rated active player in the game with 98 overall.

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xHeavYx1552d ago

What does OVR stand for? Overrated?

gamerfan09091552d ago

Overrated in what way? He's the best all round player since jordan and probably the best SF of all time.

M-M1552d ago

He's a great player, but stop lol.

Castle3331552d ago

Someone forgot about kobe.

voodoochild3461552d ago


He has never been a small forward. Kobe's a shooting guard.

BX811552d ago

You sir are drunk. I'm a life time knick fan and I can't stand Jordan, but there is no way lebron comes close. Hell I don't even like Kobe and he's better than lebron.

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Sitdown1552d ago

Yelp..... Because sports games developers decided you would be best suited to know how overrated a player is. :-/

HeavenlySnipes1552d ago

Didn't know it was still 2008

MaxwellBuddha1552d ago

Is he a 98 before or after cramps?

Castle3331552d ago

Lebron is 98 but when he plays against Khawi Leonard he drops to 75. Khawi has a new and special attribute "king slayer". The only player in the nba who has that.

NBA2KUpdates1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

LeBron is actually rated a 100 overall in NBA 2K14 but it only shows the max rating which is 99.

Michael Jordan is around 105 overall last year, but again it only shows 99.

Tctczach1552d ago

Yeah. Taking a team to the Championships 4 times in a row is overrated.

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KING851552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Kobe is an 89. This is not going to sit too well with the Kobe. I can see this fueling him. LOL!

affrogamer1552d ago

LMAO @ Kendrick Perkins gaining +4 from last year smh

voodoochild3461552d ago

Lol really? Stupid Scott Brooks still finds a way to start him and not Collison or Adams and the Thunder opponents rejoice.

TheSsus1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Brace yourselves, LeBron Haters incoming. But OT, how different is this from previous games?

DanielGearSolid1552d ago

How the heck did Westbrook drop to 88, he got better last season

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