Peter Molyneux says he would “love to go back” to Fable

Speaking with X-ONE Magazine, Peter Molyneux has revealed that he would "love" to return to Lionhead and Fable in the future.

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lfc_4eva1553d ago

I hope he does get the chance to go back to make another Fable game. I love them, not too sure about the xb1 title coming however.

I know Molyneux got the label of a over hyper of his own games, but at least he had progressive vision and wanted to push what he thought games could do.

NeoGamer2321553d ago

Honestly, I hope he falls to gaming oblivion.

I like where they are taking Fable Legends and it is just as bold if not bolder than what Peter ever tried to accomplish...

As for Peter's vision... I think it is easy to have a vision. What is hard is having a vision that ties nicely with the technology. Games like Halo, Gears, Fallout, Mass Effect, Uncharted, TLOU, etc. are all games that really have had great vision and pushed tech to the max when they were released. Peter's games were often late, and didn't live up to what he promised because he couldn't tie his vision to working technology.