NBA 2K15 OKC Thunder vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Gameplay

Below is another leaked gameplay video of NBA 2K15 on a next-gen console. There is a demo booth set up at this week’s GameStop Expo, which is where all these NBA 2K15 videos are coming from. This one is the longest and highest quality yet, and shows off a match between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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BX811552d ago

The gameplay looks amazing. Earnie and Shaq look like crap.

gamerfan09091552d ago

2K, why couldn't you put the same efforts into 2k baseball as you put into 2k football and basketball? Damn and I didn't care when the 2k baseball games sucked because I had MLB the Show, but that series is starting to become stale and they haven't changed the gameplay or presentation in years.