Why Xbox Live isn't free

Until recently, Microsoft could brag about how Live was by far the most feature-complete online service on any platform, with a unified Friends list, the best online shop, voice and video chat as standard and a consistent and stable online experience.

But in recent months there's been a shift in the market, and even bigger changes are coming. Microsoft is the only player to charge for online play, and their policy has landed some of the best online games on the 360... but as PC and PlayStation developers offer comparable features at no extra cost, the Gold subscription starts to lose its shine. The launch of the PC's Steam Community late last year and promises made by Sony at January's Consumer Electronics Show have placed Microsoft on the back foot, and has all of us asking: what does your annual subscription pay for?

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Breakfast3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Because I, and other people, pay for it...thats why its not free :(

TheHater3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

They get my 50 dollars a year :(
They should lower the price a least because there is a lot of Big Mac advertisement on Xbox live dashboard.

Fragking283832d ago

i dont mind paying for it but like 35 for the year would be nice.

AlterEgo3832d ago

I paid for it once and never used it. I bought it because I was planning on playing Gears until my eyes bled...

but I couldn't really find myself justifying the price.

ESPECIALLY when competitors, no matter the condition of their online FREE.

I'm sure a price drop would do MS some good, but as long as Sony keeps their free service, that's whose online I'll be playing the most.

Ben10543832d ago

WTF you have bigmac advertisments, i thought they only advertise games on xbox, that is bad

Chuck Norris3832d ago

How else will they keep pouring those $50M DLC deals?

jadenkorri3832d ago

they removed the online play from gold and had it free, then everyone could play

rroded3832d ago

meh since ive dropped live in favor of psn I got ta say its been good. The only thing i miss is ingame xmb for chatting but i expect sony will have something similar soon enough.

SpaceCowgirl3832d ago

X-box live offers the opporunity to get called names by the true elite of the internet... I mean who wouldn't want to pay for that?

Megaton3832d ago

You shouldn't have to look at any advertisements if you're paying for it.

Lifendz3832d ago

Bill Gate's bathtub won't fill up with money on it's own?

Jim Crowslaw3832d ago

Becuz Bill Gates is the 2nd richest man in the world

SixZeroFour3832d ago

50 dollars a year sounds like much, but if you think about it you are pretty much paying 13.7 cents a day...that right there isnt much

.6 cents an hour...but thats if you play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year...but still

i play about 3 hours a day (yes i am addicted to games) so i basically pay 4.6 cents a day

prunchess3831d ago

Any idea what that works out per second?

Can any one tell me why they think Xbox Live is worth 50 bucks a year compared to the Free PSN?

SixZeroFour3831d ago

paying 50 a year...or in my case 4.6 cents a day...for THE BEST ONLINE SERVICE is why it is worth it

i can go outside and find 5 cents right now prolly...lmao, but i dont need to ;)

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power of Green 3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )


Bigger and better features and services added much faster forcing the competition to follow, who's to say that Gold plans won't be radically different in a few months lol.

There's actually a reason why the competition is behind despite what they say is coming down the line all the while running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out ways to pay for their counters to live lol. Come E3 folks making a big deal out of this will seem foolish.

This issue is something for the most part only PS3 fanboys care about. I can get AOL for free but rather pay for Comcast.

power of Green 3832d ago

MSFT has the funds coming in to build XBL bigger and better.

Its not MSFT that has to cancel AAA games to apply resources to other projects *cough* *PSN*.

-Maverick-3832d ago

Stop talking to yourself [email protected] Xbox doesnt have sh1t but a 1 billion dollar bill to pay for the RROD, a couple games you are already bored off and no future whatsoever.

Xbox = fail and last place.

Every Xbox that is ever made will come in last place. Mark my words.

RonDeMuerte3832d ago

Microsoft has all the money in the world...yet they charge you for something that the competitor offers for free....that's great!!
HAHAHAHA Microsoft isn't going to improve your Xbox live experience drastically!!! they're already planning for the next Xbox to come out!!!.......and I gotta tell you....lately, history has pretty much shown that the first one to jump to the next generation is the loser of the current gen!!!!! so if Microsoft comes out with the next next gen console first...that just means they lost to their competitors....

PirateThom3832d ago

POG - Microsoft only have about 3 first party studios anyway, if they cancelled any games it would be more or less everything they have..

power of Green 3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

London Studios etc did not cancel games because of poor online support lol.

^^ You trolls come back when you figure out what I meant by the statement above and edit your posts when you figure it out. lol

Got to get some beer for the Boston/LA game.

See yah have fun trolling.

power of Green 3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

All these replies with all the jibba jabba in them are coming from point of view of defence of a serivce that doesn't offer half of XBL in function and sub services lol. $50 a year you say? lol

It only obivous what going on with 3 or 4 pro PSN or anti XBL posts in 3 hours after the shock of the XBL news thats been pooring in in the last few days these Sony fanboys posts are just the usual knee-jerk reactions to positive 360 news.

juuken3832d ago

Wow have officially lost your mind. There's a such thing as an edit button, that way you don't sound like a nutcase in need of psychiatric treatment.

And as usual, you talk crap.

Skip_Bayless3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Only 4 of those features aren't found on PSN including the achievements which they forgot about. The latter 2 are coming to PSN soon and the #2 and #3 in the article are coming within a year.

PSN is 90% or more as good as XBL. It's only those 4 features that make it different. XBL doesn't even have all the features that the PSN has.

There's a combination of around 11 million Gold and Silver users on XBL and it's going to stay around that number if Microsoft continues to charge people. They will never expand there online or expand the 360 to the casual market. THey're just catering to the blind idiots that they have in the bag that continue to pay for an overpriced service.

Actually I give props to microsoft for introducing such a overpriced service and they stll get people to pay for it. The few people who pay for it are more than enough to cover the cost and subsidize for 1st party game development.

I'm more mad at the blind users who continue to pay for an overprice service.

DarkSniper3832d ago

Dark Sniper is thankful each and every day that he does not have to deal with the abysmal malfunctions that Xbox live gives it's customers. Microslaves are obviously incoherent and unable to speak a voice for themselves. Xbox Live has so many shortcomings that the customers should not pay a yearly fee for such horrible service.

PlayStation Network provides Dark Sniper and the rest of his Sony Snipers with all of the essential features that Xbox Live has and as an added bonus, PlayStation Home. All of this is issued at no charge. Free online is just a small token that Sony gives it's customers because they actually care for their consumers.

Your life, your network, your home. Only on PLAYSTATION®3.


EnforcerOfTheTruth3832d ago

As always MS and their xbots love to lie. MS actually cancels games, even if they got only a few lol

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TrevorPhillips3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

its not free because Microsoft are cheap and that is the truth i mean they removed all the old arcade games from xbox why couldn't they just give those arcade games out to people for free huh. And when epic released gears of war they were releasing contents for free then Microsoft told them to stop releasing free contents and make the contents chargeable for people

Mr BlueScreen3832d ago

Keep on paying the price for live! Its good for me-ah I mean Microsoft...Bow down to Bill gates and his creations! 00000000100100100 O-o-o-h cra-p-p-p! 0010010010

"Press esc to restart your computer"

Clinton5143832d ago

Is a joke. I'll admit, I subscribed to it for 3 years(original Xbox) but after re-evaluating it for myself. I swiftly canceled my account before my May renew date this year.

Good service, worth paying for...HELLS NO. Not me me.