Unannounced PS4 game still to come this year, Sony ad reveals

At least one unannounced disc-based game is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year, according to a new advert from Sony.

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BitbyDeath1378d ago

@ TGS, The last guardian is out now in stores!

700p1378d ago

That would be cool if its a new syphon filter.

uth111378d ago

It will be the sequel to the Last Guardian. TLG still being in development hell :)

scark921378d ago

Imagine! Would be a bombshell!

CervantesPR1378d ago

no, more like a a Nuke LOL

grailly1378d ago

There's no guarantee that the game is exclusive, but it might be some high-profile game as the other games on the list are mostly AAA

meatysausage1378d ago

They still have Guerilla and Sony Santa Monica's new IP's
So thats at least two unannounced in the works

Kayant1378d ago

For next year onwards sure.Very likely these high profile games will be announced now without any high profile event coming up.

OT - I cannot be something too big because marketing will be quite tight. Maybe something from TGS? Only thing that seems likely to me expect one of the big third-parties have something to show although there are no signs pointing to that.

meatysausage1378d ago

Yeah I know, but they are two big studios with something, obviously not this year. Wasnt Ono working on an PS4 exclusive?

Yep, I still loose track on how much is on the way.. Good times

elazz1378d ago

All the studios of Sony have at least one, averaged two games in the works --> +/- 30 titles

Dark111378d ago

Sony Santa Monica new IP got canceled.

Kayant1378d ago

They are/were working on multiple projects.

Double_Oh_Snap1378d ago

Interesting... My bet is on Beyond PS4.

DarkLord10031378d ago

Makes sense. I agree 100% with you on that one

MasterCornholio1377d ago

There were a ton of rumors on that. Its either a collection or just that game.