Sega Will Announce a New Hatsune Miku Game at Tokyo Game Show

Sega just opened its Tokyo Game Show website, and the publisher is going to broadcast live from its booth for the whole four days of the event. Interestingly, there’s a brand new game that is going to be announced on September 18th at 3 PM local time.

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Xof1531d ago

F 3rd?

I just hope they either remove all the creepy sim-elements or add in proper mini-games in their place.

randomass1711531d ago

I hope it's a PS4 port of Future Tone Arcade. The visuals in that game are absolutely gorgeous!

Xof1530d ago

I'd rather see a new game than a port.

randomass1711530d ago

How about Future Tone+ with all new songs and modes for consoles?

Xof1529d ago

"All new songs" would essentially make it a new game.

TheGrimReaper00111531d ago

Go right ahead

I'm still playing Project Diva f 1

Can't wait for the sequel
Hopefully it'll be a third game in the series that they bring to western markets

randomass1711531d ago

Got Diva F on PS3 and I want Diva F 2nd as well. I'll even rebuy both on Vita when I get one. :)

PS4isKing_821531d ago

Hatsune miku on PS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

equal_youth1531d ago

never played any of these. i thought it was a dance sim but from the comments above it seems there is a bit more to it. is it good?

Abriael1531d ago

Not a dance sim. It's a rhythm game, basically.

You press the keys with the music prompts to get a high score.

equal_youth1530d ago

thanks i think i might give the vita version a try if i find the time in-between all this games :D

nodim1531d ago

Very good for a rhythm-game. I'd even say one of the best.

randomass1711531d ago

Try the ones on PS3/Vita. They are button rhythm games and really fun ones at that especially if you like Vocaloid music. :D

wonderfulmonkeyman1531d ago

If it's for 3DS, my girlfriend is going to pray for months that it comes to the states.XD

randomass1711531d ago

Project Mirai 2 is already getting localized next year! :D

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