Xbox One falling even further behind as PS4 continues to grow

MWEB GameZone writes: "Looking at the Xbox One sales figures and the continued growth of the PS4, it has become evident that the Xbox One has fallen too far behind as Sony has for all intents and purposes secured current-gen console dominance.

There is no doubt that the continued growth of the PS4 sales in both software and hardware makes it near impossible for the Xbox One to make a comeback."

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plut0nash1557d ago

This saddens me but MS did ask for it.

plut0nash1557d ago

Sony losing competition is no good. Nintendo hasn't announced an updated big console. Also - the 360 is my favourite console out of the two major previous competitors. As for why MS asked for it, well, they changed too much too soon and put in things that nobody asked for. Maybe they're paying for that now?

PCBOX1557d ago

Ohh did you write those shit? When the PS3 released there was already almost 10 million gap and PS3 sold like crap for a long time but they brought great exclusives and closed the gap. What is impossible? If XO dies Sony will have an eye off your asses.

ramiuk11557d ago

where was you from the day they announced till now,its been continous disaster for them in the PR,
non of there top men sound like there singing same song,lies.

the only praise i will give MSis the updates are monthly,but an interview a few months back they said there goal and plan they 1st had was still there.

DRM will be back soon and it will cause many issues with peoples connections,but i suppose those people just get a 360.

orionone1557d ago


"Sony will have an eye off your asses"...hmmmmmmmmm. Nope can't make sense of that one.

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donthate1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Why worry, these are huge companies that has is not going anywhere!

Heck, even the numbers are narrowing between the consoles.

Month XB1 PS4 Difference
May 77 197 120
June 197 269 72
July 131 187 56
August 160 190 30

* numbers are in the thousands


As you can see the monthly sales gap is narrowing quickly in the US. In the span of 4 months the gap went from 3 times to less than a fifth of the Xbox One sales.

Xbox One is proving to be a fierce and unrelenting competitor even without their exclusives and PS4 releasing Last of Us Remastered.

Yet somehow the entire sentiment here and even on neogaf is, the sky is falling for Xbox One!

Eonjay1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )


Because of Destiny and September. What do you think the gap will be this month? And every month Microsoft has had to either cut the price or give away free games. Thats a 280k gap on top of whatever happened before May leading into September, where Xbox will surely be crushed. No, I am not one of the people who think Xbox is dying, but a previous market leader always has extra scrutiny when it can't even break even with the competition.

DreadGara1557d ago


Im sure if Xbone dies Im not gonna lose anything cause i have my PS4, playing it with a big goofy smile.

Kayant1557d ago


"Ohh did you write those shit? When the PS3 released there was already almost 10 million gap and PS3 sold like crap for a long time but they brought great exclusives and closed the gap." - Unlike PS3, XB1 doesn't have the rest of the world to support it.

Europe = Sony/Nintendo/PC
US/UK = Heavily Sony already and gap isn't closing. Regions which accounted for majority of X360 sales like XB1 sales similarly.
Rest of the world = Sony/Nintendo/PC

Simply put XB1 isn't catching PS4 anytime so if not ever when they are losing in majority of countries both are released in.

Kayant1556d ago


"Yet somehow the entire sentiment here and even on neogaf is, the sky is falling for Xbox One!" - It isn't but what wrote don't equal the gap is getting smaller. Why? Well there is the fact as pointed out by enojay there is already a gap of 700k there and XB1 isn't outselling the PS4 so how does a 700k gap magical disappear when it's increasing each time. Only way the gap is closing is if XB1 starts to outsell the PS4 by a lot for several months straight which is look very unlikely.

See Harker(NPD leaker) post here - Page 20.

DVS-Zev1556d ago


Those are just NPD (US) numbers.Whatever tiny gains they make month to month is dwarfed entirely from the massacre that is happening worldwide between the two.

MysticStrummer1556d ago

@PCBOX - "PS3 sold like crap for a long time"

PS3 outsold 360 pretty consistently from day one.

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Enemy1556d ago

They did it to themselves.

Christopher1556d ago

***Heck, even the numbers are narrowing between the consoles.

No they're not. The numbers can only narrow when Xbox One starts selling more than the PS4. That has yet to happen.

madpuppy1556d ago

Amazing how quickly people forget that Ms tried to do an end run around consumer ownership rights. How the Xbone needed to be "continuously monitored" over the internet or it became a brick that you couldn't even play single player games on it. How, Don Mattrick when asked about what Soldiers could do to because of this restriction and he replied "there is a product we sell that doesn't need a continuous connection to the internet, and that product is Xbox360"
That you couldn't easily lend a game to just anyone, they had to be on a "special list". That you couldn't trade in your games to anybody, you had to go to a Microsoft approved retailer and they would "buy back" your licence for whatever they deemed it worth. you couldn't even give the game to somebody when you were done with it, because you didn't really own it.

If it wasn't for customer backlash, as well as Sony and Nintendo Not following Ms lead into consumer hostile policies The gaming world would be a much darker, hostile place than it is right now.

Ms bad fortune was earned.


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gfk3421557d ago


Based on the news the PS4 is going from good to great, while XONE is going from bad to worse.

This is just reflecting MS's decisions of launching a weak console, the bad PR, the unclear vision, the artificial hype (DX12, CLOUD) etc etc etc.

This is a lesson for the industry... You cannot longer fool the consumers! The consumers are smart and informed.

jrshankill1557d ago

What an idiotic post.

You come across like you HOPE the Xbox fails and becomes obsolete. What happens then? No competition is downright awful for the consumer. When one hardware giant is calling the shots and making decisions for you, you will wish you had a choice with a competitor.

I own a PS4 and Xbox One, I want both consoles to do well and I encourage the competitive environment. But this fanboyism is downright embarrassing and incredibly short sighted.

pinkcrocodile751557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Individual consumers can be smart and informed

However on mass, people are uninformed and easily manipulated by corporations.

PR, messaging and the price point were to blame for Microsoft's woes and it'll take another 6- 12 months to fix the damage. Maybe even longer.

Though it didn't stop me buying an X1 on day one, I waited until 2 weeks ago to buy my PS4.

As for cloud computing, that's a difficult one. I suppose it's like trying to explain quantum physics to children.

On mass people are not able to grasp the concept because they are uneducated in that particular field (case in point a good portions of the users on this site). Though sometimes and particularly in Microsoft's case, you CAN blame the teacher.

If you have a sh1t teacher, they are responsible for the knowledge not getting through and the low grades from their students. That is was Microsoft did last year.

Though just like Sony "sort of" learned from their mistakes last generation, Microsoft is showing that they have learned from their mistakes and now have started to turned the corner. Although it might take a little longer for that to change in the eyes of the mass consumer.

All I know is it's going to interesting and will be a fun ride.

gfk3421556d ago

@ jrshankill

Could you please tell me were I said that I want Xbox One to fail?

I don't want MS to fail, but I want, as a consumer, to not be fooled by any company because I cannot give money to someone that fools me.

If you want to be fooled on your one money, be my guest, but I will NEVER give my money for no reason (especially to some one that could fool me).

Anyway, my POINT is that what is happening with MS is due to their own fault and their business decisions!

Oh and another thing... The MORE IDIOTIC thing is to accept the lies of a company and give your hard worked money just for the sake of the competition. LOL

lfc_4eva1556d ago


You cannot longer fool the customers?

So MS by your poor choice of words cannot fool the consumers any longer. So that is why they aren't selling as well as Sony.

Yet Sony can fool the consumers as long as they wish, because they aren't releasing many blockbuster games as of yet. Push a few more release dates back, those PS4 purchases will keep rolling in.

mcarsehat1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


Yep, there is no shortage of idiotic posts this gen. The idiots now rule the forums, everyone that shows the tiniest bit of neutrality gets 2 bubbles, you will soon but i will give you a bubble just incase.

People actually want a console to fail because they don't understand that the outcome will be bad, they are the type of people that moaned about installing a game last gen but didn't expect it on this current gen.

As far as DRM goes, it will return and it will return next generation for both consoles, the xbox isn't going to die, Microsoft have hundreds of billions in the bank, not stock, in the bank to spend.

Gamers now are childish, petty and thick people. I do not want to be called a gamer even if i own two expensive games consoles. Losing MS is a bad thing, never give one company full control of something, look at how Hollywood treats their films, you get one good thing every 10 years.

What I'm saying is, as addictive as it is to read, listening to thick children fight over their toys is never a good thing. They just don't understand. They see Microsoft as a conglomorate monster, they don't seem to see Sony, the billion pound gaming conglomerate as one yet, until they get greedy, there will be another 180.

cigi1556d ago

Well aparently it semms like you Sir have been fooled by Sony - as well as a lot of other people. And just be aware - DRM is allreay on its way to SONY!!!

jrshankill1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


Nice post, and summed in nicely.

I have not been here long, but I have noticed the "disagrees" on many legitimate, educational, thought-provoking and well structured posts. It is quite sad actually that this gen is absolutely blinded by media bulls**t. It comes down to "my console sold more than yours, I disagree with everything you say". Absolutely pathetic.

I have actually laughed out loud reading the comments regarding Microsoft being this evil corporate monster who wants to monopolize gaming. Has everyone forgotten about Linux on the PS3? Is that now forgiven because "my console sold more than yours, who cares about a poor track record"? How about the original PSP and the plethora of firmware updates which basically crippled a once fun and open system?

THE PSP IS THE FIRST CONSOLE TO HAVE A MODEL DESIGNED ONLY FOR DOWNLOADABLE GAMES... yet this is forgotten about, conveniently. Is it because "My console has sold better than yours, DRM never happened until Microsoft mentioned it". Short memories.

Owning both consoles, I am happy to support both. Both consoles offer different experiences. I actually feel a little sorry for the media sheep, missing out on an excellent console. Along with wasting their time crying about the evil Microsoft monster and looking like complete hypocritical morons in the process

gfk3421556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@jrshankill @lfc_4eva @ cigi

So you are not fooled/ lied by MS if:
- they charge for Kinectless XOne (the weaker console, without voice commands out of the box) the same amount of money as PS4 (the powerful console, the slicker design etc, with voice commands out of the box).
- they say that Kinect is the center of the console and without it the Xone cannot function, BUT after only 7 months they ditch it (only to save the sales numbers);
- they requested money for applications that were free on every other device (Youtube)
- they did not accept RROD as their fault, in order to oblige the consumer to pay for another console;
- they marketed DX12 and The Cloud only to fool the consumer's mind that the Xone is not as weak as it is. However, no real usage has been seen so far;
- all the 180s that have been done so far (DRM atc);
- fooling the consumers that the games are Xone exclusives when in fact they are TIMED exclusives (Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Rise of Tomb Rider).

And these are only some examples and for sure there are more and more to be shown.

SO, the above FACTS are not sufficient for you to see that MS is trying to fool the audience? What clever words should I choose for the above FACTS? My decision as a consumer is to NOT give my money to a company that is trying to fool me.

SORRY for using my BRAIN and for the fact that I'm NOT a XSheep!!!

On the other hand, you made statements without giving proofs, so please...

Spotie1556d ago

Geez, you guys are fighting hard.

From the outset, you attacked gfk based on an ignorant assumption that he wants the XB1 to fail. Thing is: unless you're being defensive, there's no way you can come to that conclusion from what he posted.

jrshankill, your comment history says you probably don't own a PS4. You spend far too much time praising Microsoft and berating Sony; you fit very nicely into the category of "neutral" gamers that are just trying not to look like Xbox fanboys. As far as competition is concerned, I seem to recall that there have been two other generations where, for all intents and purposes, there was no competition. Even then, the clear and undisputed frontrunner didn't make decisions for us that made us wish we had a choice.

Oh, that was Sony.

PinkCrocodile, you sound as ridiculous as your cohort. It wasn't messaging and PR; it was the whole damn system that caused the XB1 to be behind like it is. It wasn't designed or advertised as a gaming-first device(otherwise, there'd have been no sacrifice on the hardware to make concessions for non-gaming applications). PR and messaging are one in the same, and they certainly contributed, but the entire concept of the console is what doomed it to its current performance.

Microsoft hasn't learned. Not the way we gamers would like. If they have, they've shown no evidence of it, as of yet. Yes, they have changed policies... in response to lower than expected sales. Consumer backlash may have been the REASON for those lower sales, but it was the sales to which Microsoft responding, not the voice of their consumers. Feel free to argue that it's semantics, but there IS a fundamental difference there.

lfc, whatever point you were trying to make is irrelevant. The PS4 STILL has more retail exclusives than the XB1; that some of their games were pushed back just makes the lineup for Microsoft's console that much worse.

mcarsehat, I was just tlaking about you. You're not neutral. You know it. I know it. Anybody who's been on this site more than a few days knows it. You're an extreme fan of the Microsoft brand that feigns moderation so as not to wind up with one bubble, or banned altogether- though this apparently doesn't happen to Xbox fanboys very often.

I don't know what gaming community you're looking at, but the people wanting MS to fail are generally aware of the consequences, and have pretty good reasons for wanting it. Consider- though you won't- every other company that has come and gone. Also consider that the death of Xbox is not to death of Sony's competition.

Oh, and one more thing: Microsoft will not sink billions and billions into Xbox forever. Sorry. I know you want with all your heart for this to be true, but it's just not gonna happen.

typittt691556d ago

Actually as an owner of both i can tell you that really smart and informed customers should get an X1 for now. I'm sure the ps4 will have amazing exclusives at some point but right now it doesn't. Infamous was good, not great. The last of us is an old game, it's good but most everyone who had ps3s played it already. And don't try to tell me about those awesome indie games, i can play that crap on my phone for free thanks. This christmas, xbox one has the better games, period. Its very sad that it started that bad for them, although it's their fault. The ps4 sells on hype alone, not on the quality it offers.

GribbleGrunger1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@jrshankill: The competition between console manufacturers is a red herring and always has been. The REAL competition is between developers vying for your cash, so regardless of whether there is only ONE console on the market, every developer STILL has to create more compelling games than their competitors. THAT'S the most important factor in pushing this industry forward.

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slasaru011557d ago

It's a task, finding an article on some, i tell you

avengers19781557d ago

The one thing I see happening sooner rather than later is MS cutting support to the 360 to try and force people to buy the XB1. Hoping that everyone still gaming on a 360 just goes out and buys the XB1.

700p1556d ago

The problem with this is thats its truly not. one is selling more than the other..big deal. Xbox one is selling alot more due to the price drops and all the special deals its been having. Even its been on the amazon top 20 for the past week. Thats great.

lelo2play1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I don't think the X1 can ever catch up to the PS4. Too many mistakes were made:
- bad press since it was announced... TV, TV, TV, DRM, Always online, etc.
- weaker hardware, weaker exclusives and weaker 1st party developers in relation to their main competitor
- stupid name (Xbox One... Seriously!!!). Microsoft had audacity to come up with a dumber name then even Nintendo with the Wii U.
- The 500$ price for nearly a year. One of the dumbest mistakes in gaming history.
- Their insistence with Kinect... another huge mistake.
- Their insistence with 3rd party timed exclusives. Timed exclusives don't sell games, exclusives do.

All these mistakes seriously hurt the Xbox brand.

Jury1556d ago ShowReplies(1)
Flamingweazel1556d ago

WHY??? Thats how competition and the market works..the bets product won.

TheArkatek1556d ago

What MS really needs to do is upgrade the XB1 hardware ASAP and charge $50 to swap out for an updated console. That's the only chance they have. I have both console and neither one is truly nextgen but my Master Race Rig is... 😯

nosferatuzodd1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

it doesn't sadden me one bit after what Microsoft did to me with windows me and Xbox live im on a one man war with them to me its not about being a fanboy its bigger than that Microsoft is too damn shady

Retroman1556d ago

plain-and-simple-a-FAILURE-out -the-gate.
this-could-been-trolling-but- hard-FACTS-now.

BallsEye1556d ago

who the F is anyway. A South African domain...ok explains it.

spacedelete1556d ago

no one should be feeling upset for MS because they are beyond greedy and arrogant and want money with as little effort as possible. Sony aren't saints but compared to MS they are angels. hopefully Xbox One is a money sink for them and they quit the hardware business.

i'd rather Sega or even Apple take their place. MS are worse than even Apple and thats saying something.

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HanCilliers1557d ago

Why is it such an important "battle" if the PS4 outsold the XB1? Why is it even a debate? Is it about claiming that title of best and preferred console? Some people like the PS4, others the XB1, and that's a good thing.

Razjin1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

True but if the install base is lower than the previous gen and not showing any progress to exceed said last gen then as a business you cut your losses and start over or stop competing with others and stick with what you're good at. Look how zune ended, vaio, window phones are vanishing etc..with that less competition and less of raising the bar or standards for the console market or any market at that.

kneon1557d ago

I don't expect the xbox brand to go away, despite Microsoft's best efforts the brand still has value, though it may be more valuable in someone else's hands.

jrshankill1557d ago

"if the install base is lower than the previous gen and not showing any progress to exceed said last gen then as a business you cut your losses "

The Xbox One has sold more consoles in this time frame than the 360 in the same time frame.

MightyNoX1557d ago

Wow, you needed someone to explain that to you...

annoyedgamer1556d ago

The kind of flaimbait articles that get submitted daily on N4G show that a certain group do not agree.

Sillicur1557d ago

For me, as an avid MMO player, it does matter. For example, lets say you play Destiny...

Even though 5million+ is a big number, I would prefer to play a game such as Destiny with the most possible players, which the PS4 clearly should have, creating a bigger community.

lelo2play1556d ago

The wait for the PC version... biggest community.

MysticStrummer1556d ago

@lelo - Biggest potential community maybe, but in the real world it doesn't always play out that way. There are games played more on consoles than PCs. It's like saying PC will have better graphics when it depends on each individual's PC.

WilDRangeRfc1556d ago

That's dumb you could play everyday for five years and still wouldn't play with 5 million others what a stupid comment

VealParmHero1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

The fight for market share is always there. The reality is (and say what you want about head starts last gen) that many firms, devs etc. expected MS to have the lead this gen, especially in NA. Also, gamers on both sides surely expected a much closer race, that is until Xbox one was unveiled.

The problem is that there is still a lot of time, and though MS is behind by a significant margin, their current numbers definitely do not warrant the abandonment of billions invested. Instead it has forced MS to rethink their strategy and adapt, which seems to be at least helping....and this my friends is called competition.

I actually prefer X1 and though I have no interest in Kinect games, the other uses are great and the extra 100 was worth it IMO. PS4 is great, and I'm patiently awaiting the big exclusives on both sides. But at the end of the day, you do not need to defend yourself about preferences. Sure PS4 is doing great, but that doesn't mean you HAVE to choose it.

Competition is good, as we all know. And I really doubt Xbox is just gonna disappear. Things have not been anywhere near expectations, but the media and fanboys, and even many of the more level headed gamers are making this out to be way more dire than it is. MS must not be thrilled about losing so much market and mind share so soon. But they are working hard and that's good for all. Calm down people

Sillicur1557d ago

Well said sir, thank you for your comment.

Competition is good I agree, I am secretly hoping that the PS4 dominance will actually give MS the kick it needs to try and work harder and deliver even better games in the future.

smash10311556d ago

Well said. Bubble for you sir.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1556d ago

So the 360 had a year headstart and sold less units than both competitors and everyone expected it to dominate this generation? People obviously didn't apply logic or basic math in this thought process.

VealParmHero1556d ago

@ miss the point that 360 gained massive market share when compared to the previous generation. Say what you will, but head start or not, 360 put a giant dent in the market share that PS2 held. So many expected that growth could continue, had MS played their cards right. They have massive resources, but ultimately placed them in the wrong areas...and that proved to be a losing gamble. So I think next time, maybe you should apply a little logic. Or just get a job as an analyst or executive, seeing as you have such impressive foresight and knowledge of the industry /s.

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HoldenZA1557d ago

I'm going to check the sales figures of apples and oranges later today to make a decision of which one I'm going to buy.....even though I am not a big fan apples.

Benjammin251556d ago

The smartest thing I've read on N4G in a long time.

Choc_Salties1557d ago

It shouldn't be a debate about which one sells better or not, but it does determine future direction of which platform is going be preferred to be developed on.

Me, Im still deferring till I hear that the PS4 can do media streaming from local devices, before i even look at getting a next-gen - I like to multi-role my devices...

cell9891557d ago

That's what's holding you back? Dlna? Cmon man, you know that's coming anyway. The PS3 does it, so will the PS4.

Ko_Uraki1557d ago

Xbox One sales are growing too. PS4 is winning but One is doing fine or at least better than some months ago

cell9891557d ago

It needs to be on top of at least one territory or else it's PS2/Xbox all over again.

PS I still dislike the name Xbox one for this console,it's Xbox 3, the original Xbox is Xbox 1. So annoying

Yetter1557d ago

It took the PS3 several years to catch up to the lead 360 started with, this gen will be no different. What people seem to neglect to mention is the 60 some million 360 users that have not yet upgraded to a next gen console. Will some of them turn to PS4? I'm sure, but from the 360 friends I have, I don't know one of them that is jumping ship

mcarsehat1556d ago

No, it doesn't need to be on top of anything. The territories are bigger now, just because it is like PS2/XB doesn't mean that Microsoft aren't selling consoles.

Wake up, conglomerates never suffer, apple have just brought TWO new Iphones out and they're having a harder time than MS, the creator and visionary Steve Jobs is gone now, he was kicked out in the 80s and Apple almost crumbled because of it.

LazyGoron1556d ago


I was wondering what your friends were doing. Thread stops here, this person's friends are not "jumping ship". X1 will catch up, no more info needed

Sillicur1557d ago

Interresting, though could it not be due to the Titanfall launch? Exclusives always boost the sales a bit!

KakashiHotake1557d ago

I wouldn't be so sure. Microsoft's lack to support any numbers other than 5 million shipped does not instill much confidence in the brand. It wouldn't be such a big deal if not for the fact they were the exact opposite last gen when they were winning. Even if their numbers were at 6 million, in 9 months that' not a bad feat at all. Instead their doing what they always do when things aren't going good; go silent, sugarcoat the obvious, act as if everything's fine, and try to buy their problems away.

Sillicur1557d ago

Definately, their silence is a big indication that they may even be more behind then we currently realise. Wish they would release the numbers already :(