My Journey Into ‘Destiny’ – First Impressions of Bungie’s New Epic

Game Rant's Rob Keyes writes "Destiny looks and plays well, especially when it comes to the co-op Strike missions against larger and more difficult enemies, but its story is lacking and burdened by repetition and a lack of creativity. There’s not necessarily much newness when it comes to what the game offers, and that’s not a bad thing in and of itself, but the missions – from an objective standpoint – are boring, so it comes down to the action and who you’re playing with. What is there is a solid framework to build from in expansions and sequels.

It’s up to you to make the best of what Destiny currently offers and the good news is that even though the Raids aren’t even in the game yet, I am eager to get back in with some fellow Game Rant Guardians, and that’s what it’s really about, so stay tuned for more as we begin our quest for Legendary Gear and try out the competitive multiplayer."

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