Five Days With Destiny: An Epic Review For A Sort Of Epic Game |

"Bungie's biggest game of the year is finally here and we have been taking our time these last couple of days playing through the massive FPSMMORPG in order to score it properly."

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ginalee5541551d ago

Its a shame most people seem to not like the story, I thought it was quite good, but then again I have never played Halo which is another title this is being compared a lot to.

edwardhuff6631551d ago

I think what people don't realize is most of Halo's first writers have long since left Bungie ages ago. This Bungie is a different company now tot guys who slaved over the original Halo.

brettjones4941551d ago

An honest respectable review. Can't fault the story is somewhat weak, but those who haven't played Halo will really enjoy this a lot.

averagejoe261551d ago

Halo is one of my favorite games... And I still love destiny... Not sure why people can't seem to do both

CorndogBurglar1551d ago

I totally agree. I love Halo and I love Destiny.

slappy5081551d ago

I love both games too. My only fault with Destiny is the repitive missions. But I love the graphics and really like the music. Still, there's plenty else to do, like strikes, raids, a new event for the crucible lined up this weekend, and another from next week.

amyortega1311551d ago

I have been reading so many mixed reviews on this, I think when a game is so hyped up, it can only lead to disappointments for many, but I still prefer this to Titanfall any day.

averagejoe261551d ago

Games are completely different... Not sure why they'd even be compared

danniellelewis1551d ago

Yet another game that has fallen to the media hype. I don't think Bungie would care though, they have already sold 500 million units, so all these reviews maybe pointless at this point.

patelsanjeed1551d ago

They may have sold well, but may not be so lucky selling a sequel. The game at best is average, I think most people really wanted to love this game, but if you've already played Halo you pretty much played this. Except its just a larger sandbox and MMO capabilities.

charliewong9801551d ago

I think they will sell well with the sequel. it may not be out for some time and maybe by then they would have tweaked the games story.

Letthewookiewin1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Pate, You just described an awesome game.

DeadlyOreo1551d ago


I did want to love this game, and I do love this game as do millions of other people. Stop treating your own opinion as the majority's.

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The story is too old to be commented.