Destiny reviews? Why Bungie didn't need them to sell big.

Destiny, one of the most anticipated games of the current generation, came out Tuesday. There are still no major reviews, but sales have been huge. Good move?

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qwerty6761557d ago

early reviews would have def hurt sales. they did the right thing.

ArchangelMike1557d ago

Well with over 4 million pre-orders, I doubt early reviews would have changed that number. For me it just shows how the gaming industry does not really need reviews - especially reviews with a score attached.

Destiny is one of those games that will polarise people, and therefore reviews according to different factors -

The single player gamer, the multiplayer gamer, the MMO gamer, the story heavy gamer, the exp grind gamer etc etc. Everyone will give the game a different 'review score' - and ofcourse because this is the internet - everyone will be right!

venom061556d ago

THANK YOU!!!! that exactly that the hell this is.. A scandal that folks are willfully blind to. Let EA or any EA dev try this, and that stupid biased Activision fanboy reviewers @ IGN would've slaughtered them in the press... fuc%$*@ pathetic.. if you're gonna do reviews, then do the damn review. No matter who or what game it is..

GiggMan1556d ago

@Arch, kudos for one of the best comments I've ever read.

3-4-51556d ago

Early reviews of Destiny are like reviewing the World Series Game 7, but in the 4th inning.

tgunzz1556d ago

This is the example I have been waiting for... When Titan Fall launch with all it's monster hype, there were tons of gamers on this site who heavily campaigned the professional review scores, especially the more unfavorable scores. You also had fake reviews, etc, etc... No one attacked the review systems, no one deminished early reviews, and for those that say no one really cares about reviews on this site, you couldn't have made that statement months ago. No here comes that Multiplat mega hyped game Destiny. Seems that all the rules have changed, but why?? If Destiny (as it is), and Bungie was still 1st party to MS, what do most think this website would be filled with??

Ko_Uraki1556d ago

Good move? Maybe but it is a scandal that no one seems to see

Baka-akaB1556d ago

Scandal ? it is nothing new in the industry . A scandal would be the numerous bribes for reviews and favorable previews , as folks like Dan Hsu once mentioned , but no reaction whatsoever

Ko_Uraki1556d ago

Not today when the metascore can change the feeling about a game...and its sales.

Godmars2901556d ago

This is another nasty example of how companies control reviewers. Also of how reviewers are so obsessed with being "first" that they don't really do proper reviews.

venom061556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

pathetic that these review sites are willfully letting this game get a pass when any other publisher or dev would've been slaughtered in the press.

--Onilink--1556d ago

the difference (a pretty HUGE difference if you ask me) is that this is not a game that didnt hand out early review copies because they didnt want to show the game. They had by that point already had 2 Betas, one with over 4million people on it... they didnt even deny that there were only 4 planets, they simply explained that while it was true, there was a lot of content beyond that.

They had already shown to everyone what to expect of the game. Sure business wise its not a bad move, but not everything has to be some conspiracy plot.

Myst-Vaern1556d ago

Hype and massive marketing budget does the job well.

TwainBlockKid5551556d ago

Activision's hype game is strong. No matter what they get people excited. They have people pumped about another call of duty, except it's like titanfall. It'll probley be worse than titan fall, and even then it'll sell millions of copies. I truly haven't enjoyed a call of duty since mw2. But I'll still be buying the next release, even after my horrible experience with ghost. But destiny is a great game at the end of the day even while being overhyped. But hype sells: good, bad, or indifferent. At the end of the day it's all about the money, if you can get people to enjoy it, it's money; if people hate it but it sells million it's still money

Blastoise1556d ago

Lot of hate for this game but I can't get enough of it

ShowGun9011556d ago

me too! if destinys hype was strong, so was its hate... lots of people on here are DYING for it to fail. nobody i know personally, just online people.

kevnb1556d ago

Reviews don't sell games, a very small portion of gamers care about them.

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