Bethesda Booth Images: PAX Prime 2014

Skewed and Reviewed have posted some images of the Bethesda booth at PAX Prime 2014. The images show off The Evil Within and Battlecry as well as some fun extras.

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MrCherry1556d ago

Love Bethesda, to me 9/10 games that thiy make are gold.

Garethvk1556d ago

The only thing about this one is how much will people nit pick. We had a staffer at PAX East say he did not like the lack of facial animations as he said the character was bland but they said it was an early build. When I played at E3 I had to get used to the controls and things like burning an enemy when down and the fine line between action and scripted sequences.
At PAX it was a better demo that allowed more exploring but it still had that retro feel where players were not always sure if their actions were their own or scripted. I had explored a level, looked in a mirror and did a dream sequence/flashback. When I was done I went around the level and then doors opened and ground me to mush. So I was left to wonder how I could avoid it as that was the only path given to me and I was not able to move so just had to watch. If I had to take another action or path, it would have been nice to know before I went through several rooms and areas with no way to change the outcome. I think there will be some player frustrations along the way, but it looks and plays well.