Anita Sarkeesian faked contacting authorities after receiving death threats?

According to Davis Aurini, who contacted the San Francisco Police Department to inquire about Anita Sarkeesian's death threat incident, she may have fabricated the entire thing.

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JoelandEllie1531d ago

OMG - If Dying of happiness is a thing, then DragonKnight will be in trouble when he reads this

DesertFoxJr1531d ago

Haha, don't want anyone to die over this ;)

DragonKnight1531d ago

I was on Twitter as all of this was unfolding. I got to see a guy who emailed the police and has email evidence she never called the police, as well as this video with a recorded conversation saying the same thing.

So today the credibility of someone accusing gamers and the gaming industry of either promoting, or condoning, misogyny, sexism, and any number of "offenses" against marginalized groups was frickin' DESTROYED.

And, as is so often the case, the major news outlets who used to be her biggest fans and supporters have had nothing to say about it.


-Foxtrot1531d ago

You know what I find funny about the whole thing, there's still people defending her, same goes for Zoe Quin.

I mean why? They've been proven to be liars and fakes, massive con artists who wanted to try and use the gaming industry to further their own selfish needs so how can you still blindly follow them.

GamerGate cares about gamers and their rights, them two and all involved within the gaming industry don't care about you at all so why defend them.

I hope this keeps going, I hope people keep digging until something comes out which changes everything. Something which can't be ignored.

JoelandEllie1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


What's really funny is that someone did some ACTUAL Journalism and immediately discredited her.

Who'da thunk? - spending your time constructively made more of a difference than typing angry useless comments on the internet.

DesertFoxJr1531d ago

That particular video is actually mentioned/showed in the article. Good stuff, cool to see some actual journalism.

DragonKnight1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It's looking like Zoe Quinn committed fraud by claiming that a portion of proceeds from Depression Quest would go to a charity that handles depression, only they have no idea what she's talking about and no money has been given to them.

So Anita lies about death threats and filing police reports, Zoe Quinn lies about donating money to charities, and THESE are the kinds of people developers are giving awards to and listening to about game development.

And you know who's friends with Anita Sarkeesian? Carolyn Petit and Katherine Cross.

These fraudulent agenda pushers are everywhere.

**EDIT** @-Foxtrot below. Oh I know. None of this will be covered. And if it is, it will under the banner of misogynist gamers ganging up on women, or the attempt at dismissing it by saying that actual death threats do occur, or that GamerGate drove a freelance female game journalist to quit forever or some such nonsense.

-Foxtrot1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


She's committed fraud but hardly any big site will actually report on it and the funny thing is THAT is the type of stuff journalists like Kotaku, IGN and Destructoid would love to write about because they would exaggerate the shit out of it to make it even more dramatic.

Yet nothing...we will get nothing on it

Hypothetically speaking Zoe could get arrested, do time and not one site would mention it.

longcat1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Can we do petitions to get certain sites banned from N4G? I'm thinking we start with Polygon

DragonKnight1531d ago

@longcat: Wasted effort. The site has a built in petition of sorts known as the voting system. Whenever you click on the + sign next to the site name it gives you options to vote on said site.

I've heard from multiple people who are definitely in the know about these things that the downvotes against Kotaku eclipse any upvotes for Kotaku, and the site still remains a continued presence on N4G.

A petition won't do anything. But perhaps mass emails to Hava Media's advertising partners would do the trick so long as they are polite and convey the right message.

-Foxtrot1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


People have been downvoting sites like Kotaku for years so I doubt much is going to happen with Polygon the short time they've been around.

This site wants to give you the illusion that we are a community and because of that we can vote of certain things together...something the horrible bubble system is based on, but the thing is it's all bullshit. There's something going on with this site and Kotaku (maybe others), maybe with all this going on with GamerGate they'll find out what.

Sorry to be blunt but we all think it.

longcat1531d ago


Yeah, i know the downvoting system is pointless. Thats why i was thinking about the petition.

Baccra171531d ago

@foxtrot People still defend them cause they hope to get something in return and the brain in their pants tells them too.

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3-4-51531d ago

The Truth, The Whole Truth, & Nothing by the Truth.....

LostDjinn1531d ago

OMG! She used fake abuse and sexism as a marketing tool.
That's absolutely sickening. Think of all the innocent parties that'll now be impacted by the precedent she just set.

Big_Game_Hunters1531d ago

This girl is a fake and a clown, nothing new.

TheCagyDies1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

#Gamergate in the HOUSE!!!

WilliamUsher1531d ago

#NotYourShield is close behind with the Mountain De-- oops, I mean 7up.

crazysammy1531d ago

<--- See this? This is my shocked face.

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