New Upcoming Events In Destiny

Bungie has released an official schedule of new upcoming events to keep guardians busy online. September 16th marks the opening of the 'Vault of Glass' raid...

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MrCherry1187d ago

With out this the game play value is not that good (thats me)

cr33ping_death1187d ago

Oh you passed all the Strikes, Raids, Story,Public events... etc? Somehow i have a feeling you haven't played it.

n4rc1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Strikes are fun.. No real clue what a raid is but I look forward to it.. (Yikes.. Lvl 26.. I better get playing lol)

Destiny is really a game that grows on you.. Felt lackluster as I started yet find I want to play more and more each day..

3-4-51187d ago

These sound Awesome.

The Iron Banner is where all your armor and guns and stats can be different right ?

cr33ping_death1187d ago

Yeah your weapons and armor are carried into the iron banner

BattleTorn1187d ago

I love this game! And I just began my 3 day weekend!

Mr-Dude1187d ago

Awesome,but I have still 2 more light levels to go....

Got an legendary engram, I was hyped, got to the cryptarc who turned it into a Legendary chestarmor... For the Warlock, and I am a hunter -_-

Looking forward to the Vault Of Glass

slate911187d ago

Lol! Just save it for your warlock character when u make one :p

cr33ping_death1186d ago

Ahhh crap... you can save those in the vault for your other characters? :(

MrCherry1186d ago


Yes I have thk you,
and again (THATS JUST ME)