#GamerGate: Depression Quest Funds May Not Have Gone To Charity?

One Angry Gamer "New information has surfaced indicating that the free-to-play, interactive browser-novel, Depression Quest may not be quite as upfront as we all thought, as new information paints the online browser title in a surreptitious light."

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PinkEye1468d ago

I don't know why this article is posted as a rumor. The charities clearly stated that they are not receiving funds from the donations made to the game. This article needs to change it's status to "news".

WilliamUsher1468d ago

While that is a valid observation, the problem is that I haven't received word yet from those involved to re-confirm it.

Simply understand that running this as "news" and claiming it as "fact" would mean that Quinn would truly be in violation of committing fraud.

The silver lining is that it's possible donations could have been sent to the charities under a different name. If that were the case, labeling this story as "news" would then make it libel since the information would then be false.

I'm playing it safe to avoid any legal threats.

nX1468d ago

Good judgement there. In any case, Quinn is on a serious Depression Quest now herself.

-Foxtrot1468d ago

Her whole life is crashing down on her.

First Anita and now her, it won't be long until other shit comes out.

I suggest people keep an eye on thing with the Facebook page. Please join and show your support.

Remember this isn't about Zoe Quin, this is about corrupt games journalisms.

viperman2401468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Might as well go to 4chan /v/, thats where most of "the happening" is coming from if you really want to be up to date by the second.

While on the topic of fraud, it looks like Anita lied about her contacting the police when she supposedly got those death threats she received (she made those herself, trying to false flag) no surprise there honestly.

Dee_911468d ago

Lying seems to be the thing with these ladies

Blacktric1468d ago

This is what we're dealing with. Police saying "we have no reports of such thing" is now NOT OFFICIAL.

And then of course, she went on to bitch about how "trolls are attacking me because I said stupid shit lol anita was right!".

There's no goddamn way I'm letting morons like these shape the industry. NO WAY!

viperman2401468d ago

Yeah there is something wrong with these people.

Just look at this story about this feminist who got caught threatening herself to further her own agenda, sounds very similar to a couple we know...

aliengmr1468d ago

So IFred responds and..... *crickets*

"Ethics" would have been posting an update regardless whether it supported one side or the other.

I would hope that if "ethics in games journalism" is indeed the main issue, that N4g wouldn't left without all the facts. Even if those facts possibly run counter to prevailing opinion.

TekoIie1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

I guess this is the part where all the articles about her calling the police don't get updated now right?

annoyedgamer1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Justice is a rarity in these times. I am glad the truth is slowly seeping out. I anticipate a large effort from the media so slow the trickle but this is where the power of community run media like N4G can prevail.

LightDiego1468d ago

These are the people that "journalists" were defending, and still defend.

Ultraplayerxp1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

They'll give her up once charges are brought or she does something really stupid like go crazy on social media. I call it supportive distancing.

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