All Systems Go. Destiny is the fastest selling new IP of all time…and it’s damn fun too

The numbers are in. Destiny raked in more pre-orders than any new IP in the history of video games. You can put that trophy on the shelf with largest beta test and most expensive game ever made ($500 million!). Even those who haven’t been riding the Destiny train should be in awe over the sheer impact this game has made. It’s become more than just a game launch, it’s become an event.

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trywizardo1557d ago

from all the comments and reviews i understood that this game game is good , but not as great as people thought it would be ...
i thought bungie will make a new masterpiece like they did with halo when they first introduced it ... i guess they can make it better in the sequel . i didn't try it yet , but I'll after getting a next gen console (current gen) ^_^

JWiLL5521556d ago

I think lost in all this is that it was originally going to be a last gen title...

I feel Destiny 2 will be the real leap forward.

cellfluid1557d ago

The game [email protected] launch isn't the full version.. As the dlc will complete the game.. Epic it shall be..

Saelyn1557d ago

I'm just kind of hoping we get more social things. It's all there but eh the plaza seems so bare bones, overall I'm enjoying everything!

Gears_President1557d ago

I didnt like the Beta. I guess because I didnt get a chance to play with my friends, I just played solo the whole time. I swore to my friends that wouldnt get it, I even canceled my preorder. I end up getting the predownload before I went to work for no real reason other than I didnt have anything exciting to play. So glad I got it its FUN with FRIENDS and because I had little to no hype for the game Im having blast. Though I dont know if its just me but story is hard to follow kind of like Titanfall.

TheZeroReview1556d ago

I'm really liking it so far, but it seems like the general vibe is craving more content and it's hard not to agree. Like Shiriya said, they've laid down a solid foundation but there's so much room for growth. Luckily the support from Bungie is going to be long term so we can expect some awesome expansions/DLC in the not too distant future. And if anyone can pull it off, it's Bungie right?