How PlayStation Plus went from maybe to must-have

When PlayStation Plus was announced in 2010, it was difficult to understand why PlayStation 3 owners would feel motivated to pay for a premium tier to the service they had been enjoying for free. Four years later, the Instant Game Collection has provided plenty of incentive to pony up the annual PlayStation Plus fee, thanks largely to how the team behind the Collection decides what games are made available.

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dougr1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Playstation Plus is now a must have because.......

wait for it.....

I have no choice!!!!!

If I want to play online I have to have it. If I had a choice I wouldn't pay for Playstation Plus, because for me personally it offers no value. I don't ever play the free games they offer and I don't buy digital indies that are part of the discounts.

Personally I wish it was just like on the PS3 where it was optional.

Death1553d ago

Funny how 4 people have already disagreed with choice being good...

annoyedgamer1553d ago

Not to thrilled with those disagrees. I don't deny that PS+ is a very competitive and valuable service but that doesn't excuse the fact it is mandatory.

dougr1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I'm right there with you. Does PS+ offer amazing value to most gamers? Yes, very much so. I'm not, nor will I dispute the value of PS+ because clearly the dollar value is there.

To me personally though, it does not. If I want to play a game, I go out and buy it when it releases. Does it break my bank to pay for PS+ certainly not as I can buy it heavily discounted near Black Friday, but I certainly wish it wasn't a requirement in order for me to play online.

Now if I got the feeling that the money I spend on PS+ is being used to upgrade servers/offer dedicated servers on games I'm okay with paying the fee, but I don't know exactly what my money goes towards at this time. Maybe they have said, I don't know, but in the end I wish I had the choice because I would choose not to buy PS+ and play my online multiplayer for free.

Anon19741553d ago

I'm a huge fan of PSN+ and with a Vita, PS3 and PS4 it's certainly worth the money for me. Even before I owned a PS4, PSN+ was an outstanding value.

But I gotta say, I don't agree with Sony linking basic multiplayer on the PS4 to a PSN+ subscription. It's 2014. Multiplayer should be expected, not some perk you have to pay extra for. I didn't agree with paying for multiplayer on my 360 (and I cut it off after a year of trying it out) and I don't agree that it should be extra on the PS4 either. PSN+ is still worth the money as far as I'm concerned, but linking it to multiplayer is just a cash grab to force multiplayer gamers to pony up.

Killzoner991553d ago

I suppose you think Sony should give you the games for free too. Do you not understand how much it costs to run multiplayer games? Sony is giving you the best value in gaming and people still find reasons to complain. SMH

Anon19741552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Don't be ridiculous. We've been gaming multiplayer on the PC for decades and neither the PS2 nor the PS3 charged for this. When Microsoft came out with Xbox Live the initial reaction from gamers at the time was "Why the hell would anyone pay for multiplayer when we've been getting it free for years on the PC?" I didn't buy into it then and didn't buy into it with the Xbox 360 (at least, not for long). Apparently not enough gamers had enough common sense to turn their noses up at this cash grab from Microsoft and not only did it encourage them, it encouraged others.

I agree. Sony is giving us the best value in gaming, with what they're offering with PSN+. Multiplayer shouldn't be tied to that. They had it right with the PS3 and PSN+, wrong with the PS4.

ps360s1553d ago

I understand that and I wish it was but truth is psn needs to make money on the ps4 and this is why they go along this route (seeing how MS makes the money)

oh well atleast now I don't have to pay for 2 subs as I only have the one next gen console right now (I did not press disagree btw)

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kratoz12091553d ago

I have had playstation plus from the start and the amount of games I have collected on the vita and ps3 is staggering.

Best value for service I have paid for in a long time

BigPappaPump1553d ago

I'm drowning in backlogs! Thank you PS+ for preventing to retire my ps3 to the attic.

ifrit_caress1553d ago

Playstation Plus is damn good value for money if you use it often.

It would be nice to see other publishers follow suit like EA did. It would be awesome to have access to all Ubisoft & Square Enix games.

Catdawgg1553d ago

Nooooooo! That would be awful! That kinda thinking is what's ruining the game industry. DLCs and subscription fees everywhere! The horror!

ifrit_caress1552d ago

I agree with you on DLC's. I really don't like that the publishers have resorted to this tactic to get money out of us gamers.

windblowsagain1553d ago

Still think they should have done a free version and the plus version.

Free should have been basic mp.

Plus- mp, free games, beta's. some free add-on mp packs etc.

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