Gauntlet to See Updated Release on Steam this Month

Carl Williams writes, "Gauntlet originally hit arcades in 1985 thanks to Atari (but not the home console one) and has seen release on many consoles, hand helds and computers over the years. Sadly, in recent years we have not been lucky enough to get a Gauntlet game though the Diablo series really hearkened back to those days of rampaging around dungeons it was just not the same. WB Games is looking to change that later this month."

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Genova841526d ago

It's on my wishlist! Hope it's good because 7 sorrows was ... well ... sorrowful.

akiraburn1526d ago

I'm with you there. My friends and I bought a couple of 4-packs pre-ordered through GreenManGaming when there was a 30% discount voucher. We're all old fans of Gauntlet and started playing with the originals back 20 something years ago on NES and arcades. We were even bigger fans of Gauntlet Legends and Dark Legacy, and played each of them do death. But like you said, Seven Sorrows is universally loathed between us. Given the absence of any Gauntlet titles since then, we're really hopeful that this turns out to be awesome. I wonder how much of Midway's old team came over and/or is involved with WB in making this new one.

Genova841526d ago

Gauntlet Legends is in my top 10 N64 games. Some great multiplayer there. I agree that Dark Legacy was the last good one.

superchiller1526d ago

PC only? Pass. This game would be much more at home on consoles.