FIFA 15 Tricks, Skills, Dribbling Tutorial Guide

"FIFA 15 dribbling guide: Do the hocus pocus and shoot for the rainbow."

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plsburydoughboy1553d ago

I wonder if this will play out as good as it looks. I hope so!

ramiuk11553d ago

demo was great,defo huge step up from 14.
animations are awesome and love the fact tactics for corners etc are there.

just hope they keep on top of coin sellers and dont ruin UT this time.
playing a 88 rank team the week its released it bullsh*t

KingPin1553d ago

good video, glad they adding freestyle elements to the game.

only problem is that in football, there are maybe 5-6 players in the world who could do that in reality during an actual match but in fifa, you can do all those moves with any/every player.

ramiuk11553d ago

never thought of that before and its something that should be more unique.

have a bubble

StillGray1553d ago

That's an interesting POV. Would be neat if only certain players had the ability to do this, perhaps as a perk.

yezz1553d ago

You can't do these with every player though.

Every trick requires "skill stars". You can see how many stars each trick requires in the top-left corner of the video and there aren't that many players with 5 star skills...

The_Kills1553d ago

Why do some portions look like its playing in fast forward?

Animation department floped or the video editing did..