Advanced Warfare – three new Exo abilities in action

The latest episode of “Advanced Training” from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare showcases three brand new ‘Exo Abilities’ that will be available in multiplayer.

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GreenUp1531d ago

Ewwww, being able to shoot while cloaked. Spy from Team Fortress 2 has it perfect...

LackTrue4K1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

4uckers are doing quick scoop and now they add cloak, "so you can line up your shots more"


GreenUp1531d ago

It's cringe worthy material they're adding now. It's just downright a laughing stock now.

Farmassy1531d ago

so you can double jump, cloak, and use stim... how is this not just like titanfall?

titanfall had titans and you could run on walls but still

The original trailer for this game had me excited, not so much anymore