August 2014 NPD: Madden sells better on PS4 than Xbox One


"Consumers rushing out to adopt new hardware once again leaves them spending less on new software.

Gamers spent $561.3 million on new physical hardware and software at U.S. retailers last month, according to industry intelligence firm The NPD Group. That’s up 8 percent from $521.1 million in August 2013. Like the past several months, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 accounted for most of the growth as software sales were down from last year."

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MightyNoX1554d ago ShowReplies(12)
qwerty6761554d ago

ea access is making people buy more digital ea games on xbox one.

also does it count the digital copies of the bundle?

seems like these numbers are going to start mattering less and less as time goes on.

Kayant1554d ago

"ea access is making people buy more digital ea games on xbox one." - That spin...

No this is pure retail. Bundled software is not counted in the top 10 list.

"seems like these numbers are going to start mattering less and less as time goes on." - Sure they will /s

Ginesis1554d ago

How is he spinning anything? It's the truth. You'd be dumb to buy a retail copy of Madden if you already owned a One. Why buy at full price when you could save some cash?

n4rc1554d ago

Most hardcore madden fans would have bought access for the 10% off and early access.. Therefore their digital download isn't counted..

Its spin to try and ignore that..

Kayant1554d ago


"How is he spinning anything? It's the truth. You'd be dumb to buy a retail copy of Madden if you already owned a One. Why buy at full price when you could save some cash?" - Yes but tell me how many casuals will know about this? My point is the effects of EA Access are too early to have a significant effect but we will know soon if my suggestion is right in the coming months from EA's Quarterly report.

r2oB1554d ago

@ ginesis

Reasons to buy a retail copy of Madden:

1) you don't subscribe to EA Access, so there is no savings
2) you like to own physical media
3) you like to trade/sell your games when you are done with them
4) your console does not have access to the internet
5) the game is a gift

I'm sure there are more.

darthv721554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

@r2ob, you are forgetting something. Seeing as the PS4 and XB1 do not play from the disc, the game is the same if you got it from a store or from the dl. the physical disc is just one form of delivery system.

im sure at some point there will be games you buy from a store and you will find a voucher in the case instead of a disc. thus leading to the inevitable future of downloading your games.

sonarus1554d ago

so we are down to making excuses for why ps4 which has outsold Xbox 2:1 has the better selling copy of madden. Not like multiplatform games have sold better on xbox one before.

Reality is this is to be expected.

mikeslemonade1554d ago

It's impressive because the install base for PS4 and X1 are closer in size for North America. And Madden is primarily a North American game.

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beerzombie1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

yes every one I know has ea. access which means they have madden 25 so this has to be taken into account. Also most people I know have gone all digital this generation. I haven't bought a disk yet and will probably not buy one this entire generation.

ger23961554d ago

But without actual numbers to back up your statement, everything you said is pure speculation. The truth is that it sold more on ps4.

MWMonroe23951554d ago

You are one pathetic loser... -dumb and dumber

greenlantern28141553d ago

Madden 25 can only be played for 6 hours through EA access. This is not having the game.

Kribwalker1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I've bought

And more all digital. I have 2 X1 so 2 copies of the game if I buy digital. Makes perfect sense to me.

Dragon age and NHL I'll wait to get until I go game testing at EA again and get those for free cause I'll be the only one playing those ones

And they have said madden bundles don't count in the software numbers

avengers19781553d ago

Why do you own 2 XB1s... I can see that you would own the console of your choice but 2 already, why?

FITgamer1554d ago

They updated the article.
"Unsurprisingly, Madden topped the charts. Analysts were predicting earlier this week that the football game from publisher EA Sports would perform well and even give a boost to the Xbox One since Microsoft was selling a game-plus-console bundle at retail. The chart above does not include bundled games, but even if you include those, PS4 Madden still sold better."

Kayant1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Funny how people are disagreeing with facts.

ABizzel11554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

The problem with the EA Access digital logic is basically saying that the majority of people on XBO buy there games digitally or have the service, which is false and without knowing the exact number of subscribers it's a mute point, and weak argument to begin with.

The problem with the bundle logic would mean that the majority of Madden copies were people picking up a brand new XBO, which again isn't true unless the XBO sold 5 million consoles in August, which again isn't true.

Facts are there are simply more PS4 owners, which means multiplat gamers are almost always more likely to sell better on PS4, unless there is exclusive content on the XBO version. On top of that sports games are among the most heavily traded in games, so chances are most consumers would rather buy retail to be able to trade in later than to save $6 and be stuck with a digital version of a game that's rendered irrelevant every year, due to annualization. There's no reason to be defensive about this, it's just logic. The same thing happened last gen with most Western multiplat games selling better on 360, since it had a much larger install base in NA.

Evilsnuggle1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Xbonefanboy are so funny. They focus on one thing . That digital copies don't count in this sales report. Xbonefanboy over look the fact that even with the x1 madden bundle . X1 still got out sold by PS4. Also even PS4 multi platform games out sold x1 version in the top 10 except ghost cod . There is nothing that can stop the PS4 JUGGERNAUT.

avengers19781553d ago

People on PS4 also buy games digitally, you guys act like only XB1 owners buy digitally. That madden bundle didn't help XB1 beat PS4 in sales, and realistic numbers for EA access is probably around 100k or less.
Face it people Madden sold better on PS4.

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hello121554d ago

NPD doesn't take into account console bundles so a slightly skewed result. It only accounts for a physical copy of madden bought at retail.

There is more PS4 owners than x box 1 owners in America, so logically, more people would buy madden for the PS4.

Also EA access for x box 1 means the game will be available for people who have a subscription so this can have an effect on sales at shops.

aviator1891554d ago

"NPD doesn't take into account console bundles so a slightly skewed result. It only accounts for a physical copy of madden bought at retail."

Hmm, well, it'd be interesting to see how many of those madden 15 xbox one bundles sold. Apparently, they sold out on amazon pretty quickly, so either not a ton of them were made or there were a ton and people snatched them up quickly.

Subaruwrx1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

But since the digital copy of Madden 2015 was included at no extra cost in the Xbox 1 bundle, should it count as a sale? Seems to me, that it should count, but not in the same way as a full digital buy where you actually pay full retail price for the game. Seems to me that the best way to determine which platform Madden 2015 is actually performing better on is by number of gamers per platform playing. NPD isn't interested in that, their interested in actual retail sales.

Kayant1554d ago

Yh and PS4 digital sales don't have an effect on retail sales also /s

Your spin is glorious.

EA access is only a 10% discount a.k.a $6 discount, it's a new service not all casuals are going to know.

qwerty6761554d ago

i did the math, EA said people put 245,000 hours into playing the early madden demo. You were allowed a maximum of 6 hours.

So that means around 40k people have ea access and played the demo. Again that's if each person used the maximum 6 hours. Many probably didn't so that numbers is probably a lot higher. And that doesnt even count the EA access members who didn't try it.

I mean by taking all that into account I can almost guarantee you there was a huge chunk of sales that went digital on Xbox One for the new madden. Thats not something you guys can just shrug off and say no one uses, clearly the service is already very popular, especially with sports fans.

mrpsychoticstalker1554d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night. Haha. The PS4 Has a very strong fanbase. Obviously it sells better on ps4.

Eonjay1554d ago

Can't argue with that.

MRMagoo1231554d ago

I am more worried about the things that keep you awake at night.

Bizzare211554d ago

The PS4 has 5 million more users than the Xbox One. Of course it'll sell better on the PS4.

aviator1891554d ago

this is npd - us charts.
In the us, ps4 is ahead by ~800k.

you're thinking of worldwide sales.

Bizzare211554d ago

Still though. The PS4 has a bigger install base.