Why is Hideo Kojima Laughing at this 'Metal Gear' Fan?

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Tracey John snapped a bunch of photos at the New York City signing for "Metal Gear Solid 4," and I did the same for the San Francisco event this weekend.

While she spent her time outside, I was on the inside, watching fans have their gear signed by series creator Hideo Kojima. One of them made Kojima laugh for a solid minute - but he wasn't laughing at him. The guy was genuinely funny.

Dressed up as Old Snake, the fan timed his moment in front of Kojima with a synchronized phone call from a friend. His ring tone? The codec sound effect. The fan moved to the floor and prepared to take the call. Kojima really enjoyed it."

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Silogon3772d ago

Kojima was laughing cause he realised the power he has over lemmings like this jerk spurt. Kojima could control the world with an army of geeks and an arsenal of Halloween mask so everyone can play cosplay dress up like moronic imbeciles.

kornbeaner3772d ago

did you even have a childhood, Damn!

You know its good to life a little, the world doesn't always have to be so serious.

Max Power3772d ago

its hard to have a childhood when you locked in a closet and was only let out one a week. But seriously i really think he wants to get kicked off the site, because i am sure even if you have one bubble and the amount of disagrees and negative feedback will get that name removed from this site.

babananaman3772d ago

looks like SOMEONE'S got sand in their vigina :-O

lighten up son!!

sonarus3772d ago

lol MGS brings out the worst/best in some of us:D

BulletToothtony3772d ago

it's very true what you said thou..

gunnerheadboy3772d ago

I like Kojima, he has such a nice personality :].

XBOX 3603772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

He should have folded up a box with "No Place For Hideo" written on it and put it in his pocket.

Then pulled it out while he was in the line and worn it.

Violater3772d ago

Read the comments and watch as POG gets pwned trying to troll the game.

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SmokingMonkey3772d ago

LOL good one, i wonder if he smoked a cigarette to stay in character?

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The story is too old to be commented.