Fatal Frame 5 Gets New Five-Minute Gameplay Video

The trailer for the Wii U exclusive Fatal Frame 5 has showcased the functionality of the GamePad, which acts as the in-game camera.
As previewed in the gameplay trailer, holding up the GamePad allows you to take snap shots of the supernatural which appears to expel them. The gameplay trailer definitely gives gamers a feel of what developer Koei Techmo has lined up for Fatal Frame 5. Complete with GamePad use to examine environment and ward of enemies, as well as eerie atmospheres that open up to jump scares (I hope that wasn’t just me).

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Serrafina1557d ago

It doesn't look scary, but it does look like an interesting plot.

DarkOcelet1557d ago

Lol maybe you should play the game first . The first trilogy were really scary so i expect this one to be scary too .

stragomccloud1557d ago

The fourth was really scary too!

DarkOcelet1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

I didnt have a wii but the Wii U looks very interesting with its upcoming games ... Bayonetta 2 , Zelda U , Fatal frame 5 , Xenoblade chronicles X ,smash bros U , oh my so much goodness , and if announce Metroid U am gonna explode .
Edit: i cant believe Xenoblade X is 5 times bigger than the first one which i thought was ridiculously big . Cant wait dammit .

Concertoine1556d ago

All the more reason to get one. Theres quite a few good wii games too, especially the original Xenoblade.

Venox20081556d ago

Nintendo said themselves that there are 2 new Metroids in the works, probably one for Wii U and one for 3DS

StifflerK1557d ago

It looks fantastic, + the Wii U gamepad is perfect for this game.

Please Nintendo - bring this game to the west.

scark921557d ago

No doubt, its perfect! Hope it does!!

Neonridr1557d ago

well.. did you notice how everytime a picture was taken, all the statistical information was in English? My hopes is that is a good sign.

TheCagyDies1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

LOL, yep, they are using DOA5 breast physics, look at 1:03 where she walks towards the screen and stops.

WPX1556d ago

Yep, and also the "wet clothes" effect from DOA5 is present in a few scenes.

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