Should You Buy Both Versions of the Next Smash Bros Game?

When a high-profile game comes out on multiple platforms, the obvious question is: “Which one should I get?” The answer will depend on what systems you do and don’t have. How much time you probably spend on said system, and what perks (if any) are attached to which versions.

It’s rare that Nintendo has a first party game that is attached to both its console and its handheld. I can only recall certain titles ever doing that. So with the upcoming release Smash Bros. 3DS, and the pending release of Smash Bros. Wii U, a question is quickly rising through the ranks of fans of the series.

“Should I wait for the Wii U version? Do I get the 3DS version alone? Or should I just buy them both?”

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ape0071554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

getting the wiiu version 100%

may get the 3DS one BUT after the wiiu version

aside from the real deal version (wiiu version), the 3DS version looks a little bit intriguing, it's not looking like an identical downscaled version of its big brother, no it has its own charm

for we are many1554d ago

You can never defeat me in Smash Bros!!

I'll get both versions starting with the 3DS since it's released earlier. Yes, you're right, the 3DS version is different, it has a new different campaign called Smash Run and some exclusive stages that's different from the Wii U stages.

ape0071554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

we'll see Legion, we'll see LoL ;D

PinkEye1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Anybody know if the 3ds version keep same frame rate as Wii U? Frame rate is a big deal in fighters, and I don't want my timing thrown off due to differing frame data between versions.

Edit: Thanks boys. Getting that 3ds version early will give us the advantage.

--Onilink--1554d ago

confirmed locked 60FPS even with 3D on

Kevlar0091554d ago

60 FPS for fighters, 30 FPS for Assists and Pokemon. The stage is probably 60 FPS, but it wasn't revealed.

Smash on 3DS looks amazing, it's a mix of comic and soft 3D.

darthv721554d ago

I am willing to bet that there will be some sort of cross compatibility between the two. Characters you unlock in one being playable in the other.

Plus, will there be just one version for the 3ds that supports the original model as well as the new 3ds? Seems likely that if the game is played in the new 3ds, it will take advantage of the extra buttons.

If played on the original then it wont, but they could have added in circle pad pro support for those who have one.

3-4-51553d ago

I'm getting both for sure.

* I get to play smash for like 2 months on the 3DS, and then I get 15 new Stages to play on in HD, that weren't in the 3DS version.

* 3DS has 17 unique Stages as well.

It's basically two different versions of the same smash game.

* I'll most likely Main certain characters on 3DS version and other characters on the Wii U version.

* In the end, I'll probably play Wii U version 60/40%

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Starbucks_Fan1554d ago

Getting the 3DS version. Selling it when the Wii U version comes out.

eaise1554d ago

Wii U version is a must for an Smash player. If you can't wait a few months then buy the 3DS version to tide you over and then get Wii U version too

PinkEye1554d ago

Getting 3ds version early will give u the advantage when the Wii U version comes out and u kick noob butt.

wonderfulmonkeyman1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Well, there's a rumor[which I've put up an article for approval for, btw] stating that we may have characters that can be unlocked via linking the two versions together...

If there's any truth to that, then that's reason enough right there, for me.

PinkEye1554d ago

That would be a bit cruel though for those who don't own both systems. If that is the case, hopefully they will offer a dlc option to just buy the characters. Thise who wanted both 3ds and wii u versions any way, could get those characters free.

trickman8881554d ago

only have a 3DS. Is it worth buying a Wii U for Smash WIIU, as well as getting smash for the 3DS?

CaptainN1554d ago

Yes,you should get a Wii-U! Its deff worth getting as its a fantastic system plus Smash on it is getting the true experience.

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