Intel Confirms Full Hardware-Level DirectX12 On Skylake-S iGPU

The Skylake Processors will have powerful Integrated GPUs that support DX12. Intel confirms at IDF 14.

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Bigpappy1554d ago

Great support all around. This seem to be a very big f'ing deal to everyone in the PC hard business. I can't wait to see what the big hoopla really brings.

mkis0071554d ago

Glad I have been a good boy for the last few years holding off on my new pc. Figured big changes would start happening once the consoles were out the door.

The pc world will do everything to remain well ahead of consoles. The last few years of processors and parts in general hasn't really been huge leaps. Looking forward to DDR4 and beyond.

Qrphe1554d ago

This article talks about Intel integrated GPUs, which will never beat decidacted GPUs. If GTX 900 leaked specs are true, then we're still stuck with small power jumps regardless of whatever Intel does.

Locknuts1554d ago

Only until 20nm cards arrive

bumnut1554d ago

What are you running now? Im running an i7 950 with a GTX 780 and was waiting for X99 to release before upgrading.

X99 is too expensive, especially DDR4 prices.

Im thinking I should add a 2nd 780 and wait for Skylake as my i7 950 does not bottleneck a single 780.

£750 to upgrade to X99 or £250 for another 780 (assuming they drop soon when 9xx cards release)

mkis0071554d ago

i7 920 OC to 3.6
4gb ram due to my first slot being faulty( painful so painful)
EVGA gtx 680
EVGA 660 physx
asrock x58 extreme

I need a new mobo, cpu and ram. im set for my gfx for now.

edqe1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Nice, but I would hope they talk OpenGL much more since it is much more used, an open standard and it is going to be used on SteamOS (Windows, OSX, *BSD, etc.)

Intel is preparing very small form factor PCs:

Since old Iris Pro 5200 is already able to provide BF4 [email protected] [1] experience these new upcoming small PCs are all but joke for "casual gaming" - of course PC with dGPU is still way to go for gamers.


tee_bag2421554d ago

I'd also like to see OpenGL use a standard that all parties could build upon. That would be ideal.

Funantic11554d ago

OpenGL will eventually become obsolete. DX12 will be better and the new standard. Read what this dev says about DX12

ChickeyCantor1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

If that's so true then why is Microsoft actually participating in the development of OpenGL?

edqe1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Do you think Google/Android, Apple/iOS/OSX, Linux, industry, etc. could jump to DX? No, it proprietary technology which is totally under Microsoft's control.

I don't understand (well, vendor lock-in) why OpenGL 4.5 and upcoming 5.0 couldn't be used. It works on all operating systems from embedded systems to super computers and even on Windows versions new DirectX versions are not supported.

ChickeyCantor1554d ago

"since it is much more used, "

The problem though is that there is no standard and some companies have made adaptions and what not. They will probably fix this with OpenGL NG.

DeusEx-Machina1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

TBH I'm not interested in the CPU internal GPU, but only the CPU. At least as long as I can't make use of it while using a dedicated graphics card.

Regardless, Skylake looks like it's going to become a fine generation of CPUs. Can't wait for the i7/K-models to be released!