Playstation Blog: Firmware (v2.36) coming soon, (v2.40) to include trophies, in-game XMB

Eric: "A new PLAYSTATION 3 firmware update (v2.36) will be launching soon, improving system stability when playing select PlayStation format software titles. We're also happy to officially report that the 2.40 system software update for PS3 will include "XMB" access in-game. The update will also include "trophies," an exciting new feature that we'll be providing more details on soon, as well as some other new enhancements. We've talked about some of this on the blog previously and know that many of you can't wait to get your hands on these features. You can expect us to share all of the official details shortly."

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cellypower3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Sweet finally on the blog,but I hate the word "soon" rather then a real date.

fenderputty3830d ago

They said HOME was going to come soon too. Still ... it's a nice start. Admitting its coming and that its coming in a specific update is nice.

Here's to hoping soon means, "in the next upcoming 30 days"

will113830d ago

i wish sony would just include the 2.36 features in 2.40 and skip right to 2.40. Press agree if you agree.

Sev3830d ago

@ Will11, Everyone is going to agree. Noone wants 2.36 over 2.40.

@ Fenderputty....
Your on the right track.

princejb1343830d ago

well at least its been confirmed
i guess rumors and dreams can come true
now lets play the waiting game all over again
hopefully they give us what we want without missing features

Ri0tSquad3830d ago

Last time Sony said we would get Firmware "soon"
May 14^^^^^

We got it the next day.
May 15^^^^^

chaosatom3830d ago

Someone said something.

will113830d ago


This is one of the best comments i have ever seen... good searching!!! +1 bubble

pharmd3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

"Press agree if you agree"

thats usually how it works, why would you put that in your reply?

PR0F3TA3830d ago

have any of you even thought of the fact that you may need 2.36 to be able to run 2.40...

the stablity issues can be related to 2.40, so they need to patch up everything including games to be able to run it.

thats my 2 cents...

Yoma3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I think this 2.36 is fixing games compitabiling with In-Game XMB. As Sony told before, it's the developers who chose what functions they would like to implement from the XMB.

I did just notice on the forum in the official Firmware thread that the firmware will just be released for American users only?

acertainkid1023830d ago

Usually when they announce it it comes the day after or for 2.40 maybe a month

TheExecutive3830d ago

look for 2.4 at E3. I am sure it will be their major announcement.

ATLRoAcH3830d ago

I don't think they're going to announce it again. :) They may touch on it and talk about it but they just announced it.

Qbanboi3830d ago


Downloading the Update.

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crazy250003830d ago

man, too many haters out there =/

Surfman3830d ago

i understand you, i had 8 bubbles the last day, and the day after: 3. Bubble for u.

Xiru3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

My bubbles fluctuate as well. Its rough being anti-Wii. :) But I will give you a bubble because I know how it feels to lose bubbles.

juuken3830d ago

I had eight bubbles and they were taken pretty quickly, plus I was banned from the gamerzone unfairly. Trolls lurk within the dark corners of N4G...


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BulletToothtony3830d ago

I really hope that 2.4 comes still in june thou..

butterfinger3830d ago

But I sadly don't see 2 FW updates coming out within a week or 2 of each other:(

Sev3830d ago


I want to personally thank all of the readers and supporters of for believing in us.

We will do our best to continue to bring you information a month before its officially confirmed.

Fishy Fingers3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Really looking forward to 2.4, a few of my friends have made the move from 360 to PS3 and they're a little disappointed by the lack of it. Sooner the update comes, the sooner my advice seems more justified.

In game XMB/Trophies aside, I'm interested to see what other features are hidden away within, there's always a few Sony dont seem to inform us of.

(my guess, E3 will unleash 2.4 upon us)

DarkSniper3830d ago

Sony's 10 year product life cycle ensures that PLAYSTATION®3 will update itself to the most current technology trends. This is one of the main reasons why PS3 has caught up to Xbox 360 and Microsoft's console is on a downward spiral.

Firmware 2.36 is definately something that Dark Sniper is looking foward. Sony is placing certain security features in place to ensure that every Sony Snipers' PLAYSTATION®3 console is well protected. That's something he can appreciate.


Cyrus3653830d ago

I think 2.4 comes out in July at during, or after E3.

And the exciting new feature, will be the announcement of Video Download service.

butterfinger3830d ago

I think you might be right.

Infernus3830d ago

I remember Sony saying something about 2.35 including coding to ready the PS3 for a movie service.

I can see that being announced at E3, along with the status of Home, the new games Sony are to announce and also the latest in-game footage of Killzone 2. Those are the things I want to hear about from E3...