Mass Effect 4 Salarians look better than the trilogy ones says Bioware Producer

Bioware Producer says that he's never seen Salarians look "so damn good."

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pressjudge1557d ago

Great to see the Salarians returning. Mordin Solus is my favorite character from the previous games.

Minimoth1557d ago

I really like him too, such a shame that he died on me in Mass Effect 3 :(

Tetsujin1557d ago

My vote goes to Legion, however I did like Mordin for who he was.

gangsta_red1557d ago

The alien design was superb in the Mass Effect series. Can't wait to see what the new games will show.

Torque_CS_Lewith1557d ago

Can a brother get an announcement trailer?!

Dirkster_Dude1557d ago

It probably also means the story is in the future not the past since the Salarians were not in contact with the humans until after the First Contact War with the Turians. The Mass Effect trilogy happens around 20 years after those events I think.

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