Full Super Smash Bros roster revealed

Super Smash Bros is set to release shortly in Japan, and thanks to its upcoming release date, streamers on Twitch have revealed the full roster.

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eaise1406d ago

Why Dr. Mario ? If anyone from Melee should have returned after not being in Brawl it should have been Mewtwo and then Roy. Not freaking Dr. Mario

DarthBigE1406d ago

Cuz Dr. Mario is the shit!
(I main Dr. Mario =D)
But I can see why people are upset. I sort of agree, but like I said I main Dr. Mario, so Im happy.

TXIDarkAvenger1406d ago

Hope they make it in as DLC. Also noticed Ice Climbers isn't present.

Concertoine1406d ago

Maybe the changed up his move set and made him a worthwhile addition. I can see no other reason when Sakurai said he wanted to cut down on clones.

DarthBigE1406d ago

Seems the original leak was legit. Sad Ice Climbers and Lucas didnt make it. Overall Im happy.

mgszelda11406d ago

I hope the DLC adds a lot more. The mii fighters are dumb imo. And the Wii fit trainer, c'mon. How about Ridley, Donkey kong villain(Can't remember name), King Hippo, Poo, Jeff, Paula, Geno(I don't care Nintendo give Square enix what they want to get him)

user95970821406d ago

Why the hell did Sakurai waste a slot on Dark Pit instead of just making him an alt costume for Pit? That's like having an individual link for every colored tunic

They better DLC a Golden sun character in there at some point!

Summons751406d ago

Same thing could be said for Dr Mario

live2play1406d ago

and you didnt believe me

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The story is too old to be commented.