Destiny is so much like Halo it almost feels strange

Destiny plays so much like Halo that it almost feels a little weird. In some ways I couldn’t shake the feeling that Destiny is everything Bungie would have done with Halo 4/Halo 5 if they had stuck with the franchise and not passed it over to 343 Industries

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tastas211073d ago

This game is garbage and halo is over rated. Bungie should have done somethign totally diffrent and not just made a halo clone.

98xpresent1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Okay ....

EvilWay1073d ago

Overrated? The best selling FPS franchise ever is overrated... Please GTFO

However I agree that Destiny is garbage

HeWhoWalks1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

So you think Call of Duty isn't overrated? Got it. And no, Destiny ISN'T garbage. But yeah, opinions.

OT: Feels less like Halo to me, personally.

Edit: Um, you said: "Overrated? The best selling FPS franchise ever is overrated... Please GTFO".

That would be Call of Duty, not Halo.

EvilWay1073d ago

Call of Duty is very overrated. Call of Duty was until MW2 but hasn't been the same since.

Okay Destiny isn't garbage but it isn't great at all. Very repetitive and gets old quick

frostypants1073d ago

The definition of overrated is when too many people like an inferior product. If Halo DIDN'T sell well, it would be harder to call it overrated.

N81073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Feel similar to Halo to me as well and I Also feel Halo is overrated. My opinion of course I would rather play destiny

TheArkatek1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )


Just because a game sells well does not mean its not overrated.I also think Halo is garbage and overrated and Destiny is nothing but a Halo re-skin with a touch of Borderlands. BTW Borderlands sucks too. Lets see if Bungie can make something totally different. ALSO: look at most of the music that that are top sellers, majority of them are garbage too. So sales actually do not mean anything. Minecraft sells hella good and that game is the worst.. Just sayin

Benchm4rk1072d ago


Do you like any Video Games :-p

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frostypants1073d ago

I called it months ago that the game looked way too Halo-like.

I was never much of a Halo fan...the gameplay always felt way outdated to me. I'm gonna skip this game.

spicelicka1072d ago

loll over rated, that's the response people give when they fail to have the combination of skill, coordination, patience, imagination, and general appreciation of something amazing (mostly due to under exposure). That's what it takes to like a game.

That fact that you came here to announce that it's over rate shows more of your insecurity than anything,. You have a hole in your heart because you can't see why others love halo so much, it's almost like you're jealous of the satisfaction halo fans receive. Otherwise you would never make the effort to comment on this article.

3-4-51072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Destiny = Cod + Halo + Mass Effect + World of Warcraft + Borderlands = Awesome.

The story is just introducing us to the world.

The REAL story, the meat of it, will be in the DLC.

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pat_11_51073d ago

I really hope the story becomes more interesting because right now I have no idea what's going on. It also doesn't seem very interesting.

Battlefieldlover1073d ago

i'm two missions into venus and could'nt disagree more. The story is kinda all over but they are layong the ground work for an entire universe of hostile aliens. So far though i've been able to follow who, what, when, where, why.

BrianSharon1073d ago

This is my major gripe with the game.

I could not care less about its world and its mythology.

TheWackyMan1073d ago

To really get a grasp at what bungie is trying to create, you need to read the grimoire cards on the website.

KONAAs1073d ago

well i completly fell for the adds they completly mis judge me thinkin git was a game u layed against other humans, not a game like WoW, good thing i only got it because i wanted the white ps4, in other hands im gettign $40 for it at gamestop.

joab7771073d ago

It will never be a story focused game, and I love the combat. But...

Once they went the mmo route, they needed to go all out. More customization and loot.

Not to be fair, every mmo that releases has limited content to begin and within a month or two everyone has tapped it. But an mmo at launch and a yr later are 2 entirely different animals. Just look at FF14 celebrating their 1 yr anniversary.

If Destiny follows that pattern, we r in for a treat. But, they must realize that mmo's do not survive on content alone. It must be VERY social, and there MUST be achievements and epic loot to chase, clans to form, and ways to customize ur character to make it yours.

They have an amazing core to build on. But, being that they shied away from the mmo status, and made Halo, many expected a single player experience and won't get it.

GodGinrai1073d ago


All very well made points, sir. especially the last one:

"If Destiny follows that pattern, we r in for a treat. But, they must realize that mmo's do not survive on content alone. It must be VERY social, and there MUST be achievements and epic loot to chase, clans to form, and ways to customize ur character to make it yours.

They have an amazing core to build on. But, being that they shied away from the mmo status, and made Halo, many expected a single player experience and won't get it."

People need to accept that this game was never intended as a single player experience. I have not played it by myself since, customising my character, to be honest.I intend to experience destiny as its makers intended,and I hope they build upon the point you mentioned.

user56695101073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Wait wait wait, so before when people was calling this and division an mmo because it's online focus and ton of mmo features, bungie and fans said it wasn't an mmo and is focus on story and is single player and coop focused. Now your telling me it's an mmo. Seems like a trash mmo standard wise. Mmos at launch tend to have a lot of content it's just they're smart and going to milk it to death. Remember everybody to worried about ea to notice other publishers are doing the same exact thing.

I have nothing against the game but people have their reasons for being disappointed if they fell for the hype. This is a trend I'm seeing, overhyped everything

Didn't people spaz on the black chic from ubisoft fir saying she not buying it seem way too much like halo. Everyone cursed her out and now what? It's just like halo with a borderlands twist. Halo land? See

aviator1891073d ago

The settings are similar to Halo, but am I the only one that feels that Destiny plays more like Borderlands?

annoyedgamer1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

The whole game layout is a ripoff from Borderlands. The mechanics and some characters and vehicles are taken out of Halo. i.e. 343 Guilty Spark

audiophile1011073d ago

some vehicles and characters? im sorry but are you really that blind to the truth. every vehicle is from halo especially can tell if you do a side by side comparison.

the look of the charcters are very close renditions of halo characters-specifically the spartan.

the whole game just feels like halo with a new skin

pat_11_51073d ago

I tend to agree. The setting feels very similar to Halo though.

annoyedgamer1073d ago

The texture sheen and mountainous backdrops are very reminiscent of Halo: Reach.

NiteX1073d ago

Well it does use the same engine and all. I'm sure they recycled many textures.

ShowGun9011073d ago

it was created by essentially the same team... look at directors, their movies will tend to feel similar, have similar quality (and quailties)...

its no suprise they're similar. it would be strange if they were too different.

TheWatercooler1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

It's much much better than halo so far.

@98. I wasn't making a joke. Bungie themselves have said it's the best game they have ever made

98xpresent1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Ahahah you a funny guy .

But I can respect your opinion tho

Webbyy1073d ago

lol, the game is good but it is not better than halo

aviator1891073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

I can respect your first comment, as it's your opinion.

But in your second statement, it seems as if you are judging the game based on what bungie said. Just because they said it (obviously they're going to say it's the best game they've ever made- they want to sell destiny), doesn't mean you take it for the truth.

EvilWay1073d ago

Of course Bungie will says its the best game they have ever made. What are they gonna say "It isn't better than Halo but we tried"

Halo completely destroys Destiny is every aspect imaginable

GodGinrai1073d ago

"Halo completely destroys Destiny is every aspect imaginable"

Especially in terms of story and competitive MP. And from the looks of things 343i are going to turn up the voltage on these things. Halo 4 had one the best stories in any halo game. Halo MMC is going to be the rennaisance of the arena FPS. And halo 5 will take, what halo does best to a new level.

But for what this type of game is, I think they should lean more on that "MMO" style of things (lots of co cop content, group activities, LOTS more gear and especially rare gear, maybe more classes too...bring back the tiger man!). I like destiny for what it is. Especially with my friends. But there is definetly those moment of "this feels familiar" followed by.."I cant wait for Halo MCC to come out" followed by.."im just glad I will own both and be able to play them for years to come". I just dont compare it to halo. Bungie are on a different path now. I like what they have brought to the table.

voltron4201701073d ago

Of course Halo does because anyone who was anyone at Bungie left a long time ago and went to 343i to work on Halo 4.. Essentially this Bungie is a new studio..