How First-Person Shooters Influenced Final Fantasy Type-0

"The typical elemental spells in Final Fantasy Type-0 are different from other Final Fantasy titles. While you have fire, blizzard, and thunder magic, you also pick a firing method. For example; Rifle that shoots straight towards an enemy. There’s also an enemy-chasing Missile method. When we spoke with the game’s director Hajime Tabata, we asked him if there was any particular reason for basing magic on firearms."

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kalkano1434d ago

Uh...the influence of FPS' are directly responsible for the downfall of Final Fantasy...You can clearly see this in XIII. You can't spin this positively.

sonypsnow1433d ago

Final Fantasy Type-0 is Great because of the influence of FPS'.

Final Fantasy better on PSP than PS3 clearly shows that game platform complexity effects game quality.

Final Fantasy will rise again with Type-0 and x86 Playstation 4.

kalkano1433d ago

Still an action-RPG. Final Fantasy will "rise again" when it goes back to turn-based.