Destiny Ghost Edition drawing complaints about damaged packaging, refunds being offered

A lot of customers are complaining about the damaged packaging for Destiny Ghost Edition.

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Universal 081554d ago

That is what happened to mine from Amazon, sent it back for a full refund.

MRMagoo1231554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

There was a woman in EB games yesterday complaining that the xbone destiny she got for her son had damaged packaging, she said it looked like it had been cut down one side or something, odd to hear so many problems to do with just packaging.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1553d ago

Sounds like whoever opened up the box cut way too deep into the box.

Thatguy-3101554d ago

I didn't bother since it was just the box and nothing inside was damaged. The box is really pretty though so I don't see why they made it so weak with all the stuff they put inside.

hiredhelp1554d ago

Watever happened to days of special editions that come in a tin or metal cases...

BlackWolf121553d ago

It happened to mine, I thought I was unique in this.

It's because of the way the box is made, all you have to do is apply a slight amount of pressure to the top of the box and it tears at the corners.

It's a real shame, but considering this is the ONLY one I will ever get in my life, I can deal with it.

porkChop1554d ago

When you pay a premium price you should be getting premium build quality. Pretty much every CE/LE I've ever gotten has had poor build quality.

Ethereal1554d ago

Mine was handed to me wrapped in a bubble wrap pocket. It's perfect. Sad to hear that others got damaged product though.

BlackWolf121553d ago

Yeah they were all delivered in that big bubble wrap.

They REALLY should have been delivered in an actual box, to take the pressure off the Ghost Edition case.

isa_scout1554d ago

Yeah my Ghost Edition was pretty badly torn down one side, and I was pretty pissed until they gave me $30.00 off. So in the end it wasn't so bad since even with the torn case it was worth the $120.00 I spent just for the Ghost and the expansion pass... Gotta say I was more pissed it was made so cheaply than I was at the fact that Gamsetop waited so close to the midnight launch to tell me. There was 9 people with the Ghost Edition preordered at my local Gamestop and 7 of them were damaged. Activision being greedy douchebags again so nothing surprising there. Next time I'll just get the limited edition.

GamingSinceThe80s1554d ago

Did the ghost toy live up to the hype?The day it was announced was the one day I slept all day and didn't visit any gaming sites so I missed out on it.Should I be mad or happy I saved $50 buying the LE instead?

isa_scout1553d ago

I think it's cool but after seeing it I do t feel it was not remotely worth $150.00 especially considering how poorly manufactured the whole Ghost Edition is. Loving the game though, and I can't wait for the raids.

Majin-vegeta1554d ago

There's an Activision warehouse in my town.My friend who works there says.A lot of the boxes were damaged when they arrived there.Not to mention most of the workers just toss them in.

cell9891554d ago

it might actually loose some of its value as a collectible poor business. This was somewhat of a coveted item was it not?

GamingSinceThe80s1553d ago

If anything It should boost the value of the ones that didn't get damaged.Because they are even more rare now due to this.

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The story is too old to be commented.