Dying Light Release Dates Moved Up Worldwide

Techland has shed more light on today's Tweet, announcing the full, worldwide release schedule for Dying Light.

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ValKilmer1350d ago

Always nice to see a game being released earlier rather than delayed. This is a game that seems like it's been nearing completion for a long time now.

starchild1350d ago

Agreed, it's nice to see a release date moving up instead of being delayed as is so often the case in the gaming industry.

Game looks promising to me. I love the freedom of movement and the openness of the world and gameplay.

Wescyde1350d ago

Although I agree, technically Dying light was supposed to come out in 2014 and was delayed to Feb 2015 and now moved up a tad to the end of January 15

gamerfan09091350d ago

I'm a tad bit over Zombie apocalyptic games, but this one looks pretty decent.

Sir_Simba1350d ago

This is the best they could've done with their game, February wouldn't have worked for them at all.

starchild1350d ago

Why? Are you thinking about games like The Order 1886 and The Witcher 3? Yeah, that's going to be a busy month for me. Dying Light might have been overlooked somewhat.

Benoski1350d ago

I hope this gets good reviews. Dying Light shows a lot of potential, and it includes a cool twist that will set it aside from the many, many, MANY zombie games that we have today.

I will definitely be getting this on PS4, that's for sure.

Sadist31350d ago

Um, January 27th is basically February. It's a few days before so how was it pushed up?

FullmetalRoyale1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Um... This is uncomfortable...

OT: I'm hoping that Dying Light is a good time. I enjoyed Dead Island for the coop play, coupled with my friend and I always trying to out do each other. Take that and add a lot of verticality and things like the zombies being able to hear you if you talk to loud on your headset, it looks to be a good time.

Wescyde1350d ago

Its original Release date was 24 Feb, thats about a 1 month push up.

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