Destiny - How to Find All 20 Gold Chests

Bill Lavoy (Prima Games): There is no question that Destiny is a game with a lot of things to see and do. Whether it's a Strike, Patrol, Raid or even some player-versus-player in the Crucible, you can expect to spend many hours scouring the planets for adventure.

Speaking of adventure, they tend to be much more enjoyable when your character is fully geared up, and that's where Gold Chests come into play. In total, there are 20 of them in the game, with five to be found on each of the four planets. These chests tend to be difficult to locate, but if you miss one as you're playing through the story, jump into a Patrol and you should be able to pick it up.

Given the scope of Destiny, it might be some time before you find them all, but be sure to check back here often to make sure you don't miss out on any of that precious loot.

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