Destiny: Proof That Online Gaming Has Impacted Solo Gaming

The multiplayer explosion continues and as such, the days of a game that only offers 8-10 hours of gameplay are long gone.

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DarkOcelet1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Yes, i can name a few ...
The Evil within
The order 1886
Aliens Isolation
Resident evil revelations 2
Rise of the tomb raider
So yes these games are there for the single player campaign but you really have to keep in mind that alot of these short 8-10 games have excellent replay value . It doesnt need to be huge or with online component . As long as it have an excellent campaign then its worth the price . And i am actually one of the really few people who touch the multiplayer of Call of duty . I get it for the campaign and excellent couch co op and play Battlefield for the online but thats just me :) but aside from that its a great article .
Edit: I am also pretty sure that the Last of us sold 8 million copies because of its single player campaign and beautiful story so yes these so called short games can provide something a 100 hours game cant .

-Foxtrot1553d ago

You can't really count Revelations 2 as it has forced co-op.

I think at the end of the day games like Skyrim, Just Cause 2, Final Fantasy have more replay value then online games like Destiny which tries too hard too focus on all three single player, co-op and competitive.

I think Destiny would of been better built up as a single player - co-op game set on Earth with a huge and I mean huge map to explore with the Moon being a smaller map to explore later on in the game. With DLC they would of added more planets.

They spread themselves out too thin and all three gameplay experiences suffered

God if Elder Scrolls or Fallout have co-op I would go crazy, we need at least one or two solid single player franchise left alone

DarkOcelet1553d ago

Which is why i am alittle sad . Elder scrolls online budget was very high which nobody asked for and that could have been used to make fallout 4 sooner or maybe another Elder Scrolls and honestly Destiny was a huge letdown for me because it just ended so fast for me . I mean lvl 20 in a day , too much repetition , kill tons of enemies . Barely huge or open world . I expected it to last much longer than that . And like you said it could have been built much better up as a single player experience or maybe they should have made it online only because thats where the game is fun but still it was a huge disappointment to me .

FullmetalRoyale1553d ago

Dat Evil Within Doe.

Going to be playing that, and The Walking Dead S2 on my PS4 come Halloween night. I don't party anymore, but I still like to do something special for holidays. I have high hopes for both.

GuruStarr781553d ago

Destiny is a really great game. Those saying otherwise are mostly trolls, or just people who haven't played the game..

unkcizzle1553d ago

Just because someone doesnt like what you like it makes them a troll? Thats ridiculous. Not everyone is going to think Destiny is a great game, get over it.

optimus1553d ago

I agree, there are a lot of so called "great games" that people loved that I simply hated and vice-versa.... fallout, final fantasy 7, bioshock, to name just a few...I just didn't get the appeal of those games. I‘ve only played a few hours of destiny solo so I doubt I have scratched the surface but so far it seems fairly generic to me. I may change my mind later as I get into it deeper.

Flamingweazel1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

No it really isn't, it's a mish mash of different things and is great at none. Poor loot game, poor single player, repetitive,.shallow...ugh.

The fact that you think anyone who doesn;t like it is a troll speaks volumes.

ShowGun9011553d ago

i haven't seen a game generate this much hate in a long time... the funny thing is, all these people complaining online are a very very very tiny minority, compared to the MILLIONS logged into destiny right now having a blast! i havent had this much fun in an FPS in a while, playing with 2 friends is awesome! ...maybe thats their problem? make some friends and play with them!

seriously tho, the game is 10X more fun with friends!

lameguy1553d ago

To a good many people, 'fun' is more than just mindless shooting and double-jumping around (even in an FPS).

I'm not going to wish the millions logged on would die, but I do wish they eventually end up seeing Destiny for what it is and give proper feedback to Bungie -> a very shallow and mind-numbing game with little to remember it by save for the cheap bullet-sponge bosses.

lameguy1553d ago

It's an ok game. I'll put a lot of hours into it for the achievements.

Will I want to come back to it? Will I remember it a year for now? Will I enjoy its universe, story, and characters that make it rememberable? The answer is 'no' to all of those :-/

KONAAs1553d ago

well i didnt pay attention to it that well i was thinking it was a game like titnfall halo or bf4 a game u play against other players not with other, it is freken borring tough, played it for 6 hrs and got bored in the first hour forced my self to see if i liked and nope, taking it back for a trade in. atleast the white ps4 is bitching

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Duke191553d ago

Of course worth in a game is totally subjective, but I definitely have a hard time justifying $60 for a singleplayer only game that can be beaten in ~6 hours. Having the multiplayer aspect at least gives the sense of replayability - even if the mp sucked.

If Destiny didn't have the MP/online capabilities id probably stay far, far away

traumadisaster1553d ago

I can never make my psyche understand why random players are running around the environment, they aren't part of my unit or goal. Sp games don't have random hero's standing around, movies don't have 20 lead characters jumping around.

It pulls me out of my pretent world when stuff doesn't make sense, at least make it part of the story why I'm watching badies reappearing and heroes ad nauseam.

Grindlefly1553d ago

Gimme a single player game any day. I must be in the minority here but I can't stand multiplayer and I don't see why every game HAS to have it. I'm personally loving the resurgence in single player games recently such as thief and wolfenstein as well as the upcoming evil within and the order.

I'm 37 years old and have a demanding job and a family. I just don't have the time anymore to devote to putting hours upon hours into a mp game.

Also, I don't see the point? Once you've played one match on bf or cod or titanfall or killzone etc etc you might as well of just done the lot. I struggle to play something without a story or sense of purpose, it all seems a bit pointless, although I seem to be in the minority. My brother for example only plays games online

ShowGun9011553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

my wife says the same thing! LOL

to me, every match online is different, cause theres new people i have to outwit, new strategies i'll need to try... its kinda like playing chess with different people, sure the board and pieces are the same, but each game is different.

to each their own, but MP won't go anywhere due to financials. i remember seeing single player only games at gamestop used all last gen, always with a lower price tag, which means more people trade them in when they're done with the story. which means more people will buy it used, giving no money to the devs. MP tries to combat that. thats why it will be tacked on all the time LOL!


maybe you are! LOL! its all just different experiences, gotta have em all i suppose!

Grindlefly1553d ago

I totally agree on the MP not going anywhere. That is the money maker I guess and yea it's different strokes for different folks, but sometimes I feel like I'm from a bygone age of gaming lol

GuruStarr781549d ago

I'm 36, myself and only in the last 3 years did I really get into MP.. I used to think the same way, but now I really enjoy it and I totally understand what ShowGun901 is saying with having to "outwit and new strategies"...

I can see how people don't like it, but I think it's mostly(and I'm sure I'll be hated for saying this) because they don't have the patience for it and get pwned when they play...

maybe try taking the time to enjoy it, it took me awhile, but once I started getting better at it and won some matches it began to really grow on me and now I can't stop playing.. it also makes games totally worth the money we spend on them..

Grindlefly1549d ago

I know what your saying and time is a factor definitely. I lose most mp games badly but I just don't have the inclination to practise the same thing over and over. I would rather have a decent single player story that I work through at my own pace as time allows. I know I'm in the minority but always feel something is lacking for me in mp. Almost sort of what's the point to this?

As an example I had zero hype for destiny and cod but cannot wait for alien isolation/the evil within.