Different Games for Different Players

Joe Martin writes:

"One of the interesting things about being a journalist in any specialist field is that every now and then you get a chance to speak to someone who is a hero of yours, or someone who helped shape the person you've become.

It's happened to me a few times. I've shaken hands with the writers who first got me interested in journalism, had emails and interviews with game designers who helped define my childhood and I've almost spilt beer over Mark Rein.

Now I'm editing the work of a blogger who through his site PlanetPhilip first turned me around to the idea that games are an artform. He has also indirectly inspired part of the bit-tech community to create their own game (more on that in the future, hopefully).

In this article and over the following pages Philip is doing what he does best – posing questions to make us examine the way we play games and which games we choose to play. The idea of making games for niche markets is something that Cliff Harris explored in a recent column. Now, Philip explores the topic in more detail."

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