E.T. Games From Landfill Up For Auction

Earlier this year, Microsoft and Major Nelson trekked out to New Mexico and uncovered the "fabled" E.T. Atari cartridges buried from the light of day. Well, now you can own a piece of history as the city of Alamogordo has voted to put some of the cartridges up for auction

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franwex1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

That game is pretty horrible. Should've stayed underground! They've opened Pandora's Box and it's all ET Games!

guiltl3ss1554d ago

The game gets a bad rap, but it isn't the worst game ever. There are a LOT of terrible Atari games, which is part of the reason for the big crash. E.T., while having very little to do with the movie, is actually playable if you know hoe to play and what the objectives are since it's not very obvious. Certainly not good, but certainly not the worst.

Testfire1554d ago

Sorry man its crap. For how much it was hyped and then to finally play the game as a child was a huge disappointment. There were other crap games, but they didn't hype themselves like ET.

hkgamer1555d ago

atari could have easily donated those games to random charity houses but they decided to go for the cheapest route and bury them.

i just never understood. charity houses could have easili sold them for $1-2.

Stringerbell1555d ago

Agreed. You know I see a lot of videos of people dumpster diving at video game stores. These stores throw out perfectly good games because they no longer have the room to store them. How about donating these to children's homes, hospitals, shelters etc.

optimus1555d ago

I‘ll start the bidding at 10 cents.... in all honesty though, I guess some people would get a kick out of owning a piece of history. I doubt that many people still own an Atari 2600. If it were me I would paint it gold and have it framed.

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mysteryraz111555d ago

who would buy any of these a old game that probally doesnt work on a severely out of date system that you can barely find

caseh1555d ago

Because it's from the legendary landfill that most believed to be an urban myth.