Lay down your arms in Alien: Isolation

The second short trailer for Alien: Isolation this week reminds us that guns are bad – especially if you’re trying to avoid being eaten alive on a space station.

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XBLSkull1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Interested to see reviews. I'd love to buy this game but I can definitely see it being a huge flop.

WeAreLegion1136d ago

I'm predicting surprisingly good reviews, based on my play time with it.

aCasualGamer1136d ago

Would love it if these guys could make a similar game but with the Predator universe(especially the first movie). Being hunted by a predator you can't see and having to make contraptions as you try to survive in the jungle would be amazing in game format.

SuicidalTendencies1136d ago

If this game does well I would love to see a sequel where you play as Newt trying to survive for that time on LV-426 before the marines showed up.

Trekster_Gamer1129d ago

I still think they should be able to make an awesome action shooter based on the franchise.

AlIENS is still the best of the series and was full throttle action.