At this point in time, EA Sports has done more to punish Ray Rice than authorities have

GameZone: "This isn't the first time EA Sports has removed a player from Madden, either. They've removed Michael Vick after going to jail for dog fighting; Plaxico Burress after he went to jail for shooting himself in the leg in a New York City nightclub; and the most recent case is them removing Aaron Hernandez as he faces charges of multiple murders. That said, this is the first time a player of this prominence (in my memory at least) has been removed from the game without legal action from police or law enforcement."

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Riggans421557d ago

Did Donte Stallworth and Josh Brent get removed from Madden? I believe Brent is serving a suspension for his charges, but i'm not sure if he's in the game because he's still on the Dallas Cowboys.

EvilWay1557d ago

Shit is ridiculous why not remove Josh Gordon as well. He made a mistake but yet we have murders left in the game. Might as well add Aaron Hernandez, it hasn't been proven if he killed those people yet

Dee_911557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

No, Donte nor Josh has been taken out but Aaron has, @EvilWay try reading the article bud.
I believe EA only reacts when the NFL reacts.. With that said it is an domestic issue, therefore there isn't any reason for automatic legal action from police or law enforcement unless his wife pressed charges.He's lost his job and his image, there is nothing more that can be done...
It is unfortunate that Ray and wife will have to continue to live with this incident in the public eye despite the fact they have reconciled.Ray deserves every bit of scrutiny in my opinion, because he was clearly the aggressor, but his wife doesn't deserve to have her privacy put out there like that.. just a crappy situation..

EvilWay1556d ago


How about reading what I said next time. I never said they are out of the game, I said they might as well take Josh Gordon atleast

Dee_911556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Oh okay it seemed like you said they should also take Aaron out.My bad.But yea EA reacts how the NFL react.

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lifesanrpg1557d ago

Not on the Cowboys yet. He hasn't been reinstated by the NFL. Although Jerry Jones says there will be a spot on the roster for when he does come back.

wsoutlaw871557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

ray rice is suspended indefinitely with no sign of him ever coming back. That is why he is removed. Josh brent is facing a 10 game suspension if he even gets reinstated. Why would a player be in madden if he isnt in the nfl?

pompous1557d ago

So they take him out, but leave in 2 other guys which of whom have both just been convicted on domestic battery. One guy is on the Carolina Panthers and a guy on the 49ers whom beat his PREGNANT FIANCE. The 49ers suspended a guy yesterday for a TWEET, but his teammate that beat his pregnant fiance is still playing. EA need to take the other players out too or leave Rice in. The NFL botched the shit of this and they are still spiraling out of control with all the new info coming out of Goodell lying and they can't keep their players from tweeting stupid retarded shit. I hope the NFL loses sponsors and have this whole ordeal hurt them for years to come. Especially when your fanbase is estimated at 50% or slightly above are women. Another trend seems to be that the 2 sports which have the most inner city players from the hood seem to have the most trouble with all kinds of criminal acts from their players. You'd think once you made it you would wise up.

hollabox1557d ago

Hell add in Ben Roethlisberger alleged rapes, add Greg Hardy, Leonard Little Manslaughter DUI

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sungam3d1557d ago

It's a domestic issue.
Not a legal one...

Gamerbeyond1557d ago

it was a legal issue, domestic dispute also involves Assault and battery, harassment, and a slew of misdemeanors.

ray rice admitted guilt by pleading guilty and thus taking a light slap on the wrist from the judicial system.

Razjin1557d ago

Ben Roethlisberger should be removed then too I mean the guy had more than 2 rape charges.

Razjin1557d ago

oops but it is a bit bias but then again vic went to jail for 23 months but he didn't harm any males/female even though dog fighting is illegal doesn't justify why other players can do worst and get away with suspension. Then you have rice who basically gets terminated and banned.....with no jail time. NFL has turn to a corrupt franchise.

wsoutlaw871557d ago

@razjin im not sure what you are tring to say. NFL doesnt control players jail time. Rice should be in jail but he is not, but thats not the nfls fault. Vic broke the law and went to jail. Im not sure what point you are trying to make.

wsoutlaw871557d ago

Ben wasnt charged with anything either time so you are incorrect.

Gamerbeyond1557d ago

the ben situation was "alleged". there was no cameras that caught him, plus the chick later revealed she lied about the "alleged" assault/rape to extort money out of him.

HanzoHattori1557d ago

So people are discussing this video game that's basically a rehash of the same game from last year with different rosters, but won't discuss the fact that a punk hit a woman and knocked her unconscious? *Takes a dump on the floor and walks out*

Tiqila1557d ago

I was not sure about this when reading the article, but is it a fact that he hit her unconscious? Because then he deserves jail time. The video only shows his fiance being unconscious or very drunk, but from that alone one can not conclude what happened before.

It's alright to remove him from the game in any case, and the other football players with rape or murder charges should be removed as well. In the interest of the entire sport.

hkgamer1557d ago

the video is quite disturbing.

you see her chatting shit and spitting on him, and then he loses it and just smashes her in the face and she is knocked out. then you see him casually drag her out like nothing happened.

im guessing the nfl board has a set of rules, but not all of the rules should be followed the same way. each individual case should be looked at seperately.

with the law, it really depends on the victim. the victim wants everyone to leave them alone.

Tiqila1557d ago

Ok, I have only seen the part where he drags her out of the elevator. Usually I don't care for that kind of "news", but in this case I think EA is right and the judge should go to jail along with that football player. Can't believe there is such a definitive evidence and this guy runs free.

Oschino19071557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

It's called a totally clean record before hand, her (the victim) not wanting him to go to jail, and this thing called a 2nd chance that all these soap box saints keep saying shouldn't happen.

Honestly, tell me what Ray Rice being put in jail for an extended time will do that's gonna be positive for anyone from either side.

Jail isn't a "time out" for adults even though it's used that way at times. Jail is/should be a place for those that are an immediate danger to society or for those with heinous crimes against humanity.

I am no Law expert but you clearly have only a very loose understanding of it and how the legal system works.

hkgamer1557d ago

what he did was wrong. but if no charges was made then does it matter?

i dont know much about domestic violence, though i hear that victims do keep quiet about it. however, this is leaked all over the news, if she wanted to do something now she would be well protected.

we dont know enough about their personal life to know if this was a one time thing, or if he has changed and they have grown from that? or maybe their kid is more important right now?

anyway, sponsors and so have the right to do everything. the law will just have to wait for the victim to step up. if it was about money she could easily sue his ass and put him in jail but she hasnt.

Tiqila1557d ago

it does matter because it was wrong and illegal? There are laws in this country and one of them is something along the lines of "you are not allowed to hit women unconscious only because you are angry". It does not matter whether charges were made or not, the evidence that he violated the law exists.

Gamerbeyond1557d ago

rehashed, yes. but there are die hard madden fans that pony extra money for the sole purpose of getting certain players on their teams updated roster. so yes in a way its a big deal.

plus the players make a little money just having their name/number on that game.

hkgamer1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

posted new comment instead of replying to above by accident.


in response to your other comment, i guess if it is the law then he should get arrested. im not from us so i dont know the laws for each state and the country.

ithink in the uk. the victim will need to press charges otherwise the law cannot do anything.

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