Dying Light Release Date Announced

Techland has announced the release date for Dying Light coming early 2015!

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-Foxtrot1532d ago

Ah not bad, least it's not February or March

Snakester951532d ago

Yeah exactly my thoughts on this, it's not too far off from the holiday season then. I was getting worried after seeing all the trailers that they're just going to keep hyping it up and then it's going to release really late =P

BitbyDeath1531d ago

Probably why they moved it.
Better chance of me picking this up now.

danny8181531d ago

So many games coming out .-. Honestly its overwhelimg

Plagasx1531d ago

January 27th..

Your Welcome.

WeAreLegion1531d ago

Alright! Awesome. I am actually surprised by this one. February and March as so packed. I'm assuming Dead Island 2 will be pushed into later 2015.

jonboi241531d ago

Damn 2015. I have a feeling this may a legendary year.