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It’s rare when the launch of a new IP seems like an event. Sure, there’s always a special feeling around the latest Call of Duty or World of Warcraft expansion, but those are firmly established franchises. Even though Destiny was revealed just a year ago, its launch seems like a can’t miss experience, the hype of which has crossed over from the gaming world into mainstream society. Perhaps the biggest question on most people’s minds, however, is what -is- Destiny? With an unrivaled marketing budget, Activision and Bungie have paraded the title around like it will metamorphosize the industry, but seem to be avoiding the gameplay itself. Now that we’ve finally been able to dig deep inside the final product, it’s time to answer that question once and for all.

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ValKilmer1557d ago

Seems like about where it needs to be.

LazyGoron1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

I hate 5 point scale reviews. Perfect, 80 (low B), 60 (low D), 40 (terrible), 20 (I have no idea what was happening).

So... was it just barely not a 5? Was it a literal 4 or closer to a 4.5? Review was well written though. User scores are lower than reviewer scores it seems at this stage.

I wasn't saying that I care about user or review scores, just pointing out that posters/user reviews seem to judge the game more harshly than game sites are. I don't need a X/5 or X/10 to make me buy a game. But having a review with 6 options (0-5) is silly.

The review's pretty good at explaining his opinions, it's just the number he gives doesn't seem accurate to his review, IMO.

BTW, I love platinums but I hate grinding games (looking @ you TLOU Firefly trophy) for the sake of a trophy. Destiny's challenges seem to be pretty well spread out. I'll have to sink in some nice hours into PvP, coop, character creation, and exploration (bounties). I am looking forward to it.

BlackTar1871557d ago

this is like the first game i've ever seen where people use user scores as a talking point. It's kinda weird tbh.

I wonder why that is???????????????

ShowGun9011557d ago

IMO the number system sucks. instead of looking at a number to determine the value of a game, you need to look at the details of the review... whats important to you? if you like these things destiny will appeal to you...

1. large game (not massive)
2. light rpg elements
3. strong pvp

however if you're looking for these things, destiny might not be for you...

1. WoW levels of content (map size, grinding hours)
2. thousands of hours of crafting, gathering, and grinding
3. Strong rpg elements

personally, i'd rather have a great experience thats not too drug out, because i get tired of games before earning a plat trophy anyway, due to my short attention span. Im not a completionist. i hate griiiiiiiinnnnnnnnding... plus, i love PvP. destiny fits right in for me.

saying its 4/5 doesn't do anything for me. i need to know WHY.

PONTIAC08G8GT1557d ago

Personally I think the game is more of a 3.5, closer to 3 than 4. On a 1-10 scale, I'd say a 7.

Elimin81557d ago


"BTW, I love platinums but I hate grinding games (looking @ you TLOU Firefly trophy) for the sake of a trophy." I hear ya bro. I'm the same and believe me I have tons. I hate the grind I just move on. Unless it's co-op then I might.

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aquamala1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Enjoying it so far but I was afraid it may get boring after 20 hours, and it does look that way, heck I may be done with the game and trade it in after this weekend.

Content is rather light, if you played the beta you already played about 1/5 of the game. and features like story mission match-making, ,finding groups in the tower, I thought these will be in the game but are not.

and they really need to adjust the difficulty, some story missions are just too hard playing solo (esp the parts that you need to restart the encounter when you die) but when you're in a group it becomes too easy.

DougLord1557d ago

Sounds like DDO where you have a bunch of missions that launch out of hubs. In DDO the missions mechanics are awesome and vert nostalgic, but the lack of a real world, kills it. Swotor is a bit like this too.