Flockers Review (ThisisXbox)

ThisisXbox: "Team 17, who are better known for creating highly addictive puzzle games with a sinister undertone that inflicts excruciating slaughter methods on sweet innocent looking creatures such as Lemmings and Worms are back at it again! This time it is all about Sheep in their newest IP – Flockers. This new brain-teasing, often mind-boggling title is another fantastically designed puzzler that closely resembles Lemmings in terms of gameplay, but with a Worms style design for the environments. It is difficult not to compare Flockers to Lemmings because each level is filled with dangerous obstacles in your path whilst controlling a herd of sheep from one start location to their final destination as you would with Lemmings."

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Eonjay1557d ago

Those poor poor sheep lol.

jasona19801557d ago

lol... yeah some are seriously decapitated in a very messy manner!