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GR: The E3 demo for Forza Horizon 2, the last time I had hands-on time with the upcoming title, showcased a coastal cliffside race against several Drivatars with one of three high-speed vehicles. But the essence of the sequel—the vast, photorealistic world depicting several bordering regions between France and Italy—was not ready for action at the time. Luckily, Microsoft showed off the latest build of Forza Horizon 2 at a private closed-door event, showcasing the first hour of open-world gameplay.

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dbjj120881554d ago

I wonder how this will stack up against Driveclub this year... I think Horizon 2 will be the better game even though there are more PS4 consoles out there.

Foehammer1554d ago

Previews are really positive, looks like Playground Games has a winner.


knifefight1554d ago

I've realized that beyond exterior appearance I really don't like modding cars. I prefer to get top-spec cars from the games themselves. Just me. :/