What To Do When You Reach Level 20 In Destiny

NowGamer: "Whether or not Activision and Bungie wants to call Destiny an MMO or not, it is in a large number of ways. One of those key ways being end-game, where Destiny has a number of gameplay elements to work on.

But what is end-game? When do you get there and what can you do when you reach it?

After completing the main story missions and reaching level 20 you'll be at end-game, and here you've got a grind on your hands. Here's what you can do at level 20 in Destiny.

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kratoz12091228d ago

Turn your console off and walk away

Septic1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

And then slowly look back and squint your eyes in dramatic fashion and say, "I have fulfilled my Destiny".

I'm in such a random mood today.

Anyway, before I get marked for being super sexy, I don't know what real incentive there is to play on minus the passable pvp. With games like World of Warcraft, it felt like the game actually begun when you reached max level.

Well for me that meant going into towns where low level players were questing and killing them for hours on end. I wish you could do that on Destiny.

nX1228d ago

There's actually lots to do, it just depends on whether you enjoy it. I for one still enjoy the heroic strikes and crucibles, even exploring the planets is fun for me.

CorndogBurglar1228d ago

Did you not read the article? Because it just described like a 100 reasons to keep playing after level 20.

3-4-51227d ago

Getting to lvl 20 is like 15% of the game.

If you quit there, that is watching 15 minutes of a movie and thinking you know all about it.

Shadonic1228d ago

Continue you level up by gathering rare and powerful gear

kryteris1228d ago

this here explains the problem with this game, you have to ask yourself.

SojournUK1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I grabbed this for my ps4, I really WANT to like it but I must admit I am struggling to enjoy it. The game looks great but it just seems to lack substance, the load times when hopping back to the tower are a bit of a bore and once at the tower there is very little interaction available - most people seem to be jumping around, dancing or standing still while looking at their stats (or off having a pee).

I really hope the new content that is due out in Dec (I think) is worth paying for, in the UK the expansion pass is £35 which is almost the price of a full game.

Maybe if the 2 expansion packs were included at launch in the game it would feel more complete and less repetitive and empty.

Anyway, I'll give it another couple of weeks but I can see this one gathering dust on the shelf in the not to distant future.

CaEsAr-1228d ago

Well it's Activision we are talking about.

caseh1228d ago

"I really hope the new content that is due out in Dec (I think) is worth paying for, in the UK the expansion pass is £35 which is almost the price of a full game."

Ugh,I never noticed that. That basically means there's about £40-£50 worth of DLC to come about...

--Onilink--1228d ago

nope, 35 is for both DLCs.

Shadonic1227d ago

Kinda agree, it could have had much more and having a much better developed story would of helped a lot bringing people more into the lore and into the world as a whole. I still enjoy the crucible though as its one of the best fps mp experiences I've had in a while.

They recently announced the new stuff coming in like the new game made for crucible and more ahead.

mochachino1227d ago

I think the long load times are due to the game finding a server.

SojournUK1226d ago

I thought that too, even with a decent connection (80/20) it still takes an age, kinda wish it had a mini game where you have to guide the ship in or something to ease the tedium!

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blesbok1228d ago

We need this article...after being out for 3 days?!

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