Start your Forza Horizon 2 career with new cars thanks to Forza Rewards

Neil writes - "When you first fire up Forza Horizon 2, you’ll find yourself limited to just a few cars….fancy getting access to a few more? Forza Rewards is here to help."

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cfc781527d ago

Tier level 6 for me though im hoping the Renault Clio Williams will be available for my 1st car but thats a great selection of free cars especially that Mclaren P1.

neil3631527d ago

Yep, Level 6 for me as well. Looking forward to it.

WeAreLegion1527d ago

Yeah. It's nice. That looks like a fun car/track combo.

Angerfist1527d ago

Lol someone's going around giving disagrees. Yes we know you want it, go get a X1 or 360.

Angerfist1527d ago

Till it comes out I'm Tier 6. Hope im not to spoiled and just pick the P1 and drive around instead of working for cars.

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The story is too old to be commented.