Finally, an actual demo of Remote Play to watch

If you haven't been toying with your PSP and your PS3 at the same time - because you don't have one of each, or you currently are or will be too busy playing games, and you don't know how Remote Play really looks like...
Thank salimdao who sent us these YouTube embeds of his PS3 (FW1.10) throwing itself to the PSP (FW3.0) through Remote Play. That's the PS3, a music CD, a BD of "Talladega Nights", and a Memory Stick full of media files, all on the small widescreen of the PSP. You see everything from PS3 setup, to PSP setup, to the handshake between the two, and then Remote Play getting down, four on the floor. No, really. The PSP was on the floor the whole time.

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