The Role of Gaming Journalists

Recent events in the gaming industry have shed light on discontent in the community over the role of gaming journalists and their seeming lack of ethics. As a journalistic site, we take a look into the issues and shed light on how the industry works from the inside out.

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VRex71557d ago

interesting read... I think it really depends on the outlet to live up to their own honest, for the gamer standards. I want a site who is more personal over a big company owned site that works closely with too many PR outlets and feel obligated to treat and interact with them in a certain way.

Edgetroll1557d ago

There should be some ethical code applies to game journalists. At the moment it's getting harder and harder to differentiate what's news and what's a cleverly disguised advertising and opinion

nick47611557d ago

I enjoyed this article thoroughly. I think that most game press sites need to look at themselves and figure out if they want to inform the community or be an entertainment site

system221557d ago

the terms "gaming" and "journalism" shouldn't be included in the same description for about 85% of the content on this site.