PC World Hands On: Spore Creature Creator

PC World writes: "Spool up EA's lightweight Spore Creature Creator and you're greeted by a swirling galactic nexus accompanied by celestial chimes and brooding strings, teasing the many places you'll eventually have the chance to visit once your stalk-eyed, six-handed, single-legged baby's all grown up.

The trial version of the Creature Creator -- about 200MB and available now for either PC or Mac -- only lets you fiddle a few body parts (mouths, eyes, arms, legs, weapons) and upload them to a MySpace-like template called MySpore Page. At last check, there were some 30,453 total creatures in the database, 26,847 people joined up since yesterday, and 18,678 creature uploaded in the last 24 hours (that's probably in part because the tool leaked a day or two early)."

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