LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita Marvel Super Hero Edition launches this November

PlayStation Blog says the LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita Marvel Super Hero Edition, which features the original game plus loads of Marvel content, will be released on 19th November for €19.99.

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Kurisu1437d ago

Same month as LBP3 and also PlayStation TV...something tells me this will be made available as a PlayStation TV bundle.

DualWielding1437d ago

I don't think little big planet is compatible with Playstation TV as it depends a lot on the touch screen

Kurisu1437d ago

My bad sorry, I thought this was the original PS3 game coming to Vita, not LBP Vita.

crusf1437d ago

We don't need expansions to already existing system sellers. We need existing IPs that consumers are familiar with to draw them into the Vita.

Shinobi1001437d ago

The carnival sideshow atmosphere of LBP Vita was almost enough to get me to buy my 1st LBP game ever. But it wasn't quite enough. Throw Marvel into the mix and now I'm sold. Hoping this isn't one of those Vita games that comes to retail in Europe & not the US like Epic Mickey, PS Vita Pets, and Muppets Mayhem.