Super Smash Bros: Bowser Jr. and Koopaling Alternate Skins Revealed

Junkie Monkeys: Bowser Jr. was one of three leaked characters for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS a while back. Now we have an official confirmation and a look at Bowser Jr.’s alternate Koopaling costumes thanks to the Japanese Smash community.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1554d ago

It's also confirmed that each Koopaling has differences in the look of the Klown Car they use, and that each one has a different voice, as well.
The announcer even uses their appropriate names, IE, he'll say "The winner is...LARRY!" if you're playing as Larry Koopa!
So they're just a tiny bit better than reskins. No alternate moves, but voices etc are different.

randomass1711553d ago

I wonder why Sakurai chose to go half and half with alts and clones. Such a weird collection of roster choices...